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Staff List

The Language Centre Staff Lists

For the University LookUp service, click here.

All phone numbers +44 (0)1223 - for University of Cambridge internal calls ignore the (3) and (7).

If you are looking for general Language Centre contact details rather than specific individuals, please use the following:

Enquiries Email Web Page

Phone: (3)35058

If you are looking to contact us regarding IT and technical issues rather than specific individuals, please use the following:

IT & Technical Support Email Web Page

Phone: (3)30913

The list below contains details for everyone in the Language Centre, but you may prefer to consult the shorter Section staff lists, available as follows:

Section Staff Lists


Name Role Email Phone
Professor Jocelyn Wyburd Director (3)35012
Karen Lee Administrator (7)63586
Agnès J Fauverge Computer Officer - Web & Communications Coordinator (3)34602
Alina Bykova Temporary Receptionist (3)35058
Nicholas Green Custodian (3)35058

John Trim Centre (JTC) & Advising Service

Name Role Email Phone
Heather Buss Resources and Learner Support Coordinator (3)35058
Catherine Cossio Resources and Learner Support Coordinator (3)35058
Alina Bykova Temporary Receptionist (3)35058

Cambridge University Language Programmes (CULP)

Name Role Email Phone
Professor Nebojša Radić Director (3)35051
Bagir Agajevs CULP Administrator (7)67122
Arabic Team
Lydia Collings Arabic Teaching Associate  
Sherif Mohamed Arabic Teaching Associate  
British Sign Language (BSL) Team
Sadia Grabham BSL Teaching Associate  
Chinese Team
Hazel Zheng Chinese Teaching Associate  
Xuan Zhang Chinese Teaching Associate  
Dr Yan Li Chinese Teaching Associate  
French Team
Jackie Bow French Senior Teaching Associate  
Louis Coeyman French Teaching Associate  
Clément Courouve French Teaching Associate  
Kate Kent French Teaching Associate  
Dr Marie-Géraldine Lea French Teaching Associate  
German Team
Paul Hoegger German Teaching Associate  
Dr Nikola Baumgarten German Teaching Associate  
Hildegard O'Kane German Teaching Associate  
Greek Team
Dr Regina Karousou-Fokas Greek (Modern) Teaching Associate  
Hebrew Team
Hagar Ben-Zion Hebrew Teaching Associate  
Italian Team
Professor Nebojša Radić Italian Teaching Associate  
Cristiana Brown Italian Teaching Associate  
Dr Emanuela Davey Italian Teaching Associate  
Japanese Team
Misa Nakano Japanese Teaching Associate  
Korean Team
Dr Mihye Harker Korean Teaching Associate  
Latin Team
Katharine Radice Latin Teaching Associate  
Persian Team
Dr Mahbod Ghaffari Persian Teaching Associate  
Portuguese Team
Dr Cynthia Baerlocher-Rocha Portuguese Teaching Associate  
Dr Viviane Carvalho da Annunciação Portuguese Teaching Associate  
Russian Team
Vera Tsareva-Brauner Russian Senior Teaching Associate  
Ioulia Ignatievskaia Russian Teaching Associate  
Spanish Team
Pedro Barriuso-Algar Spanish Teaching Associate  
Sebastián Bianchi Associate Professor of Spanish  
Ruth Hatcher Spanish Teaching Associate  
Dr Alicia Peña-Calvo Spanish Teaching Associate  
Dr Cynthia Baerlocher-Rocha Spanish for Medics Teaching Associate  
Swahili Team
Yussuf Hamad Swahili Teaching Associate  
Turkish Team
Hadra Kübra Erkınay Tamtamış Turkish Teaching Associate  
Workshops Team
Kasia Lanucha Intercultural Facilitator  

Academic Development and Training for International Students (ADTIS)

Name Role Email Phone
Professor Karen Ottewell Director (3)35004
Susan Nowak Administrator (3)30914
Dr Simon Atkinson Teaching Officer (3)35348
Dr James Womack Teaching Officer (7)67121
Peter Storey Teaching Officer
Professor Mike McCarthy Teaching Officer
Jeanne McCarten Teaching Officer
Dr Susan Jackson Teaching Officer

Online Development & Technical Support

Name Role Email Phone
Pedram Badakhchani Head of eLearning (7)67118
Ed Buss IT Technician (7)67120
Saimon Clark Computer Officer - Media Editor (3)35353
George Shaw IT Technician (3)30913
John Wilcox Web Illustrator/Animator (7)46646

All phone numbers +44 (0)1223 - for University of Cambridge internal calls ignore the (3) and (7).

Alphabetical Staff List

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