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Bursaries for Postgraduate Language Training

Language learning opportunities for postgraduate students

Some language training for postgraduate students (the Languages for Academic Purposes (LAP) Courses for students in the Schools of Arts & Humanities and Humanities & Social Sciences) is free at the point of delivery and no bursary application is required.

The Language Centre, working with the Researcher Development Team, administers a bursary scheme for doctoral students, and Mphil students on a PhD fast track, across the whole University. These are available to support access to CULP courses and external training in various forms. More information on this scheme can be found on the Postgraduate Language Training pages, including guidance on eligibility, deadline dates for applications and a link to the application form.

Some postgraduate students may be entitled to further language training financial support from other funding sources including Doctoral Training Centres administered by the University with funding from Research Funding Councils. Postgraduate students should enquire within their own Departments or Faculties for sources of such funds.