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Support for learning

How do you like to learn?

Each year the Advising team works with a wide range of learner, for example:

  • a researcher requiring Malay for field trips
  • a member of staff working to revive GCSE/A-level/degree level French
  • an undergraduate linguist wishing to improve listening skills
  • a postgraduate needing to read German for academic purposes

Whatever your language interests, level or aims, we are keen to help you with structuring a path towards your learning goals. Come and identify the learning strategies and strengths that will help motivate your studies, as well as find methods for tackling weaker areas.

The psychology of having a method and structure can transform a language ambition into an enjoyable commitment that is flexible, achievable, and different from one person to the next.

To help you on this journey, we have collected some tools for you to use in managing your learning and some guidance on using resources.

Click here to access our support tools. Support Tools

However, we realise that you may wish to have some expert advice or to get support from fellow travelers on the language learning journey. See below for how to book an appointment with an adviser or to join our study group.


One-to-One language advising appointments

Come for a half hour advising session to:

      • Decide on your short term and longer term goals
      • Discuss learning strategies for independent language study
      • Formulate a personal learning plan
      • Evaluate your progress so far and identify your next steps
      • Tackle more challenging aspects of your language learning, e.g., strategies for developing listening
      • Talk about ways of shaping a self-study session
      • Explore resources in specialist areas (though please look at our Resources guide, Online Video Resources and LC Online interactive learning resource collection first to find out what we already have available to you).

These appointments are NOT designed to provide general information on enrolling on ADTIS or CULP courses, Conversation Hours, Friends without Frontiers or the Conversation exchange scheme. Please consult the relevant webpages for information or contact us:, tel: (01223) 335058 / x35058 or drop into Language Centre reception for further clarification on these options.

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Languages Study Group

Independent language learners unite! If you enjoy learning in company or would benefit from having a slot in your calendar set aside for language study, please join us!

This would particularly suit those learning languages outside of taught programmes and graduate students focussing on developing their academic language skills for reading and/or fieldwork.

N.B. this is a peer support group and is not facilitated by Language Centre staff. It is not compulsory to attend every week, but we do ask that you register to join the group using the Join button above.

Those registered for the Study Group will be invited to join a closed Facebook Languages Study Group which you can also use to exchange ideas, to raise questions with Language Centre staff about resources and to provide ongoing peer support outside of weekly meetings. 

Thursdays 17:00-18:30 during term time
Thursdays 15:30-17:00 during vacation time

Venue: the John Trim Centre (in the Language Centre’s building on Downing Place)
Tea and coffee making facilities and biscuits are made available.

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Give learners language and that will keep them going for a day.
Explore language learning strategies with them and that will keep them going for a lifetime.

The Advising Team

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I can't thank you enough for the support provided throughout the year - I don't think I would have worked so hard had it not been for your tips and cookies.

Languages Study Group Student