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If you are a UK resident and would like to volunteer your help, there are three ways to support other learners.

Language Volunteer Bank

Would you like to volunteer your language skills for short term help? 

From time to time we have requests from staff and students looking to:

        • Understand the basics of a language for fieldwork/research purposes
        • Gain occasional conversation practice
        • Make a quick uncertified translation of a short article

Volunteering means that you are happy to help, if and when another University member is looking to practise your native language.

Recently we helped a PhD student learning the basics of Yoruba and matched him with a fellow student for gleaning simple information about the language. We have also had a fantastic volunteer for Igbo, who has given occasional support over the past couple of years to postgraduate students.

If you can volunteer your help please contact

Friends without Frontiers

Could you give an hour of your time each week to support learners on a 1-to-1 basis with your native language?

We would like to encourage friendships across countries and cultures by inviting native speakers to volunteer to help others. This could involve helping somebody to practise or offering feedback that supports them to improve. At the same time the volunteer can gain initial experience in learner support that would be useful for a career in education or a related field.

If you could be a friend to a learner please contact

Make a recording

Would you be able to help us with recordings?

These can be useful for our CULP listening exams and occasionally we may be looking for volunteers to make recordings in our course languages.

For some of our lesser known languages it can be difficult to find spoken representation and having recordings is very useful to learners for initial exposure and training the ear.

If you would like to be added to our recording volunteer list please contact

Each year we have 550+ university members in our Language Volunteer Bank.

The Advising Team