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The Language Centre  The Language Centre

The Language Centre


Access Information

Access Information @ the Language Centre on Downing Place

The Language Centre is only accessible from further down on the left on Downing Place, if you find yourself in the Church at the start of the road or in the courtyard just after the Church, you are in the wrong place, keep going.

Front door - Photo 1

The main entrance to the Language Centre on Downing Place is from street level plus 1 step (15 cm - see photo 1).

For visitors requiring flat access (e.g. wheelchair users), we have a side entrance further along Downing Place (see photo 2). There is an intercom to reception from both the main entrance door and the side entrance gate.

Back door - Photo 2

There are bicycle racks opposite the main entrance (see photo 3).

There are no car parking facilities next to the Language Centre in Downing Place. However, with prior arrangement, it may be possible to find a place in the Downing Site (contact Reception or our Disability Liaison Officer Jackie Bow).

Bike racks - Photo 3

Language Learning and Advice
Learners who wish to use their specialist equipment (e.g. hearing aid with own headphones etc.) in the John Trim Centre for independent learning should contact our Reception in the first instance. If necessary the technical staff will check the connections.

Teaching rooms and taught courses (CULP & ADTIS)  

In order to ensure that any necessary support or adjustments can be promptly organised, members with particular access needs are encouraged to highlight these during their enrolment process. Alternatively, they should contact our Reception or telephone on 01223 335058. If you have a Student Support Document from the Accessibility & Disability Resource Centre (ADRC), please do not hesitate to refer us to it, if it would help you. However, it is not obligatory to do this and details of what you need can always be discussed with Jackie Bow without this document.

For more information, please email

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The Language Centre

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Check the Accessibilty & Disability Resource Centre (ADRC) Downing Site Building Access Map.

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