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The Language Centre  The Language Centre

The Language Centre

Cambridge University Language Programmes (CULP)

Languages for All

Open to all students/staff of the University and members of the general public.

These courses offer general, everyday language tuition from basic (ab initio) to advanced levels.

Basic to Intermediate 1 levels focus on developing the functional language to communicate effectively in everyday situations as well as on acquiring a command of the underlying grammatical structures while Intermediate 2 to Advanced levels tend to be more ‘topic’ based and aim at developing further the learners’ communicative tools.

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Languages for Specific Purposes

Open to students from specific Schools, Faculties and/or Departments.

These courses aim to support specific groups of students in achieving their study goals.

Please check eligibility criteria before applying.

Basic level classes start from scratch and Intermediate level classes assume some familiarity with the language.

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Cambridge Open Days

Virtual Open Days

Take a look at our University  Virtual Open Days Video.

Language learning is a journey. We aim to equip you for this endeavour with the necessary linguistic tools and cultural awareness to make it possible for you to understand and appreciate other people and cultures as well as to articulate your own thoughts and meet your specific goals;

The CULP Team