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CULP: Languages for All - Persian

Introduction to Languages and Cultures

The Introduction to Languages and Cultures courses feature some less taught languages and are designed to offer a sneak preview into the world of these important civilisations.

While learning the basics of the language, you will be able to view and appreciate the ancient as well as modern character of the lands and peoples.

These courses will not be formally assessed and students who attend regularly (80% sessions) will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Persian, which is one of the Indo-European languages, including its different dialects is the official language in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan and has more than 100 million speakers around the world. The language is called Farsi, Dari and Tajiki in these native countries respectively. Outside the homeland of the Persian language, it is spoken widely by millions of migrants from these countries particularly Iran and Afghanistan. Although there are some minor differences between these Persian dialects, regarding pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, they have many more similarities and share more or less the same cultural values and heritage.

Persian is considered the second language of Muslims and lots of religious, history and literary works are written originally in this language. More importantly, it is the language of people who have a very rich literature, history and culture. Therefore many people, researchers, scholars, and students in the world have given great attention to it and have studied it in order to be able to read and study Persian literary works, poetry and prose works in the source language and further to translate them into other languages for the public to enjoy. In addition, Persian has been of more importance because of the strategic political role of Iran in the Middle East and the world as well as other developments and changes in the region.

Indicative syllabus:

Introduction to Persian Language and Culture

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Standard (1 online session per week) - Michaelmas-Lent 2022/23

Course offered online via Zoom.

Persian (Farsi) 17:00 - 19:00

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