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CULP: Languages for All - Latin



  • Latin: This course will start in Lent Term.

Introduction to Reading Latin

This course aims to facilitate the reading of Latin through effective use of reference materials (published grammars, dictionaries and translations). Its focus will be on helping students understand the structure of a Latin sentence and the emphasis within it; this will allow students to understand a Latin text more sharply and clearly in its original language.

Students will work from original texts from the outset; initially these will be read selectively (in order to foreground the material in focus for each class), but fluency will build as the course progresses so that students learn how to read whole Latin sentences.

The grammar work covered within the course will also help students develop a better understanding of English sentence structure and grammar.

In the second term, reading material will be taken from a range of Classical authors and attention will be given to understanding different literary styles and registers. 

The course is primarily focussed on Classical Latin, but its approach will also help those who are keen to learn how to read Medieval Latin.

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Qualifications framework level: CEFR A1 / ALTE Breakthrough


This course is offered as an introductory course for absolute beginners (ab initio learners) or those with very little knowledge of the language.

Educational Aims

At the Basic ab initio level the main aims are:

    • to develop a clear understanding of the structure of the Latin language (parts of speech, phrase and clause structures)
    • to develop proficiency in using reference materials
    • to be able to read Latin sentences (using reference materials) with an appreciation for Latin word order and emphasis

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Course, students will be able to make use of reference materials (grammar reference materials, dictionaries, extant translations) to facilitate an independent understanding of original Latin and an appreciation for its emphasis and nuance.


Introduction to Reading Latin Basic ab initio

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Standard (1 session per week) - Michaelmas-Lent 2022/23

This course will not be offered this term.

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