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CULP: Persian for Academic Purposes (LAP)

Persian for Academic Purposes (LAP) for Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Researchers

One 90 minute lesson weekly.

These courses run for three terms (Lent/Easter). To register, please go to the Language Centre Enrolment page.

This Persian course is designed particularly for researchers, graduate students and staff who have a particular interest in Persian language, culture and heritage. However the course can be equally useful for those who are interested in learning Persian for more general purposes.

We offer linguistic tools that will enable students to comprehend complex texts and produce spoken and written language on variety of topics.

The classes are going to be conducted more or less in English, even though there will be plenty of opportunity for speaking and listening practice in Persian. And the medium of class will swiftly change to Persian by the end of the term. The courses feature a listening and speaking component as to prepare student to conduct field work in Persian and/or communicate in Persian with native speakers.

Please note that this course is subject to a fee of £285 for University of Cambridge students, £320 – staff of the UoC, £350 – members of general public.

CULP Languages for Academic Purposes (LAP) in Persian - Timetable

Course offered online via Zoom.

Pre-Intermediate 1

17:00 - 19:00

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