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CULP: Faculty of Music - Carmen


Faculty of Music - Carmen

Enrolment is through the Faculty.

Part IB Paper 10 Elective Topics I (i) Carmen in Context

Lecturer: Jackie Bow (Michaelmas Term)

Aims and Objectives

French for Musicians takes place in Michaelmas Term and is a course that aims to support 2nd year Music students who are taking Part IB Paper 10 Elective Topics I (i) Carmen in context. It will introduce and practice reading skills in general, but more specifically will enable students to read the novella Carmen by Prosper Mérimée on which the plot of Bizet’s libretto is based, as well as the text of the libretto itself.

Description of the course

The French for Musicians course will:

    1. Teach and practice some fundamental language structures and principles at a speedy pace, using a variety of short texts.
    2. Introduce and practice reading skills.
    3. Give help and support with reading a selection of short extractsfrom the novella and the libretto considering vocabulary, structures, context, and general language.

Lessons take into account the language proficiency level of the participants and start with the core concepts of the language and proceed to focus on a text. Students who already have A level French (or equivalent) should attend the last 3 lessons but are welcome to attend the whole course. All others should attend all 8 lessons.

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