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Postgraduate language training

How to obtain funding for postgraduate language training

The following information is about languages other than English

However, we do have a comprehensive programme of Academic Development and Training for International Students (ADTIS) support also available for English.

For Postgraduate students in the Schools of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) only

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The following provision is available:

  • CULP Languages for Academic Purposes (LAP) Courses delivered by the Language Centre. The Schools of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences have agreed to provide funding to ensure this area of language training is free for postgraduate students within the two Schools.

For Postgraduate students in all Faculties or Departments

  • Supported self-study in the John Trim Centre and Language Advice sessions are free of charge.

  • CULP Languages for All Courses to help you develop your direct communication skills for fieldwork, research collaboration and employability purposes. Fees are payable for these courses. See Bursary Schemes for support which may be available for Doctoral students.

  • Enrolment on CULP Languages for Academic Purposes (LAP) Courses may be possible for students in other schools if spaces are available. A fee will be chargeable.

  • Colleges may, at their discretion, provide support for language courses.

Researcher Development Language Training (RDLT) Bursary

  • Only doctoral/PhD students and Mphil students on a PhD fast track can apply for a bursary to cover some of the costs of the following types of tuition, which must be taken during the academic year in which the bursary is granted:
  • The RDLT bursary covers 50% of CULP fees (currently £285 per course) or 50% of fees for an externally provided course, up to a maximum of £142.50.

  • Applicants will need to demonstrate how the language training will benefit their research and/or their career development.

  • N.B.: ADTIS In-Sessional courses are not eligible for a bursary under this scheme.

  • To apply for a RDLT bursary please complete the online application form for the relevant cycle below.

  • Bursary applications will be considered in 2 cycles each year:

      • Cycle 1: Michaelmas Term 2022 - Monday 09:00 on 5 September 2022 - Monday 09:00 on 3 October 2022;

      • Cycle 2: Lent Term 2023 - Monday 09:00 on 13 February 2023 - Monday 09:00 on 13 March 2023;

N.B. The Researcher Development Language Training Bursary Scheme is competitive, with a fixed annual pot of funding. Not all applications will therefore be successful. Priority will be given to those applicants who evidence their requirement for language training and the benefits they will derive from it.

Sri-Lankan Languages

For Postgraduate Students in Science-based disciplines

  • The AJ Pressland Fund, administered by the Language Centre, provides bursaries for students of any science based discipline to take intensive language training in other countries during the Long Vacation. Priority is given to students who have already demonstrated a commitment to language learning, taking advantage of provision delivered by the Language Centre and/or the Department of Engineering Centre for Languages and Inter-Communication (CLIC). For more information go to the Pressland Fund pages.

Postgraduate Students may also be able to request a financial contribution towards language study from their College. Please note that any such contribution will be at the discretion of the College concerned. You should also enquire if there is any additional financial support available from your Faculty/Department. The application form asks you to include an indication of the financial support you expect to obtain from other sources so please enquire before applying to this scheme.

Please note that bursary applications to cover funding for courses taken in previous academic years will not be considered. For any further clarification, please contact Jocelyn Wyburd:

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