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French Learning Objects


French Learning Objects are small, independent resources that can be used either as part of a course or for self study. Most of the objects below are intended to support the acquisition of academic reading skills.


French Learning Objects


Q: What computer do I need to run the web-application?
  • A computer with a recent webbrowser (Firefox 3.0, Internet Explorer or later).
  • Headphones are recommended.
Q: How do I start the applications?
  • Unzip the files for each learning object into a folder.
  • Load the index.html into your webbrowser and follow the navigation from there.
  • To make it easier for future access create appropriately named shortcuts to each of the start files.


Zip file French versification - aims to introduce the basic rules of French versification.
Zip file Reading Baudelaire Zip file Reading Beckett *
Zip file Reading Pierre Bourdieu * Zip file Reading Césaire
Zip file Reading Corneille * Zip file Reading Victor Hugo
Zip file Reading Moliere * Zip file Reading Le Code Napoleon *
Zip file Reading Racine * Zip file Reading Jean-Jacques Rousseau *
Zip file Reading Verlaine Zip file Reading Zola
Zip file Tutorial module *

* Learning Object developed in collaboration with The University of Manchester and supported by a grant from the Arts & Humanities Research Council.

The Tutorial module offers support and suggestions on the use of the these resources for both students and tutors. It also gives examples of how the learning objects are structured and suggests some additional reading.

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