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ADTIS: In-Sessional


Programme overview

The ADTIS In-Sessional programme is designed to enable international students to reach their potential by focusing on the communication and language proficiencies essential in academic work.

Support is defined using a diagnostic approach to ascertain the needs of the individual, and is informed by the expertise of ADTIS teaching staff, who specialise in the skills required for academia. This collaborative technique provides a unique opportunity to expand and refine competences whilst becoming fully immersed in the University environment.

Delivery methods

    • Workshops covering a range of themes including academic language and transferable skills
    • Supervisions providing individual support with a focus on achieving planned student-led objectives
    • Coaching one-to-one sessions to help clarify and bridge the gap between potential and performance
    • Online resources a dedicated Moodle site for building on work undertaken in workshops and supervisions or for independent self-study
    • Vocal training and conversation hours to develop and practise effective communication skills


    • Workshops are given at the Language Centre or delivered as a webinar
    • Self study resources can be accessed through Moodle at anytime
    • Supervisions are held face to face at the Language Centre or by Skype/phone


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In-Sessional Registration

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Do you have a language condition?

It is not possible to attend the In-Sessional as an alternative to taking a SELT.

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