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The idea behind ADTIS Online: PREPARE is simply to make what we do available to anyone, anywhere in the world, whether they are planning to study here at Cambridge or not.

Our first course, launched in September 2023, is Ready, Set, Study! And is aimed at students about to embark on graduate study at English-speaking universities or at English medium institutions.

Check out the launch video about the course.

The course consists of seven sections, each made up of several videos, together with handouts and other materials:Ready, Set, Study!

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For an example of what’s included, here’s a full breakdown of what’s in Section 5: Prepare to write

      • Introduction
      • Taking a step back
      • Writing isn’t just about, well, writing…
      • And so why is writing at PG level so hard?
      • In terms of communication, writing is unique
      • So, what is academic writing?
        • Understanding the task
        • Practical preparations for successful writing
        • Types of academic writing:
          • An essay
          • Reports
          • A literature review
          • An annotated bibliography
          • A reflective task
          • Case studies
          • Final thoughts
      • The Writing Mindset
        • When to write
        • What to write
        • Where to write
        • How to write
      • The influence of culture
        • Disciplinary culture
        • Rhetorical culture
          • Rhetorical heritage
          • Writer-responsibility
          • Low Context
          • Linearity
          • Kaplan’s Doodles
            • Kaplan in his own words
        • How this might affect your writing
          • Linguistic Groups
            • Mandarin Chinese
            • Japanese
            • Romance languages
            • Arabic
            • Kazakh
      • Argumentation
      • The importance of logic
      • Macro, mezzo and micro structuring
      • Final thoughts
      • Reflective Exercise

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If any registered member of the University would like access to the course, just contact ADTIS at
For all others, please follow the link to our eSales (Ready, Set, Study! | University of Cambridge) page. The course fee is only £10, and you’ll be sent login details after payment.

Development is already underway for our next online courses:

      • Acculturation to UK Higher Education
      • How to perform your best in IELTS and TOEFL

Details will be announced in due course. 

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