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ADTIS: Online In-Sessional (ICE/MSt)

Online In-Sessional

Online in-Sessional Support Programme (ICE/MSt)

For students who are taking one of the several ICE MSt course, we have basically cloned what we offer on the regular In-Sessional Support Programme  for resident students, but with the difference that this support will be online.

Students will have access to a wealth of resources on the In-Sessional Moodle site and can opt for 5 or 10 online or telephone supervisions with their ADTIS supervisor.

When they come to Cambridge for the residential parts of their course, students will be most welcome to attend any of the regular weekly workshops held during term; and, of course, meet their ADTIS supervisor face-to-face. We will also run a number of webinars, open to both online and resident students. Details of all workshops and webinars will be posted on the Moodle site.

The Online In-Sessional Programme provides support during the academic year and is tailored to needs of the individual student. This support is designed to cater to the academic English needs of students on MSt programmes at the University and lasts for one calendar year irrespective of the entry term.

The In-Sessional Support Programme is not conceived as an additional course, but is intended to support students in addressing any academic language issues they may have so that they become more autonomous (language) learners/researchers.

For information on fees and how to register, please visit our online store.  If you have any queries, please e-mail

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