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The Language Centre


ADTIS: Assessments and Assessment Procedures

Institute of Continuing Education

Institute of Continuing Education

At the request of the Institute of Continuing Education, the Language Centre carries out academic English literacy assessments for the following ICE programmes:

    • Master of Studies
    • Undergraduate Diploma and Certificate
    • Postgraduate Diploma and Certificate
    • International Summer School

Where eligible, applicants for these courses are referred to the Language Centre by ICE. Please note that applicants for these courses should not contact the Language Centre directly for an assessment.

There is a charge for the assessment which must be paid in advance. On completion of the assessment, the Language Centre will confirm whether you meet the minimum requirements, and will make a recommendation to the Institute of Continuing Education of the outcome of the assessment. The Institute of Continuing Education will notify you of the outcome.

For further information, please contact the Institute of Continuing Education directly.

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