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ADTIS: Assessments and Assessment Procedures

Language Condition

Will I have a language requirement?

The University requires all applicants to demonstrate competence in the English language at a very high level before they begin their proposed course of study. Adherence to this requirement is strict. You must be able to demonstrate that you are able to communicate in English at a level and in an idiom suitable to the subject.

Whether or not you have to take a language test set will depend on a number of conditions, which you may calculate on the Postgraduate Admissions website.

Language Condition

The University's Language Centre carries out an average of around 1,750 assessments of applicants' academic English literacy skills each year. These are for a range of different bodies within the University and for a range of different courses.

For information on the range of assessments the Language Centre carries out and details as to how to request such an assessment, please see the page relevant to the course you are applying for.

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