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Exchange conversation with a native speaker

Conversation Exchange

Exchange Guidelines

  1. The sole purpose of the Conversation Exchange is to offer you an opportunity to practice your language skills.
  2. Your name and email will be passed to your exchange partner. All other registration information is used only to allocate a suitable partner.
  3. Once you have been assigned a partner, you are expected to contact him or her and to remain committed to the exchange.
  4. It is the partners' responsibility to arrange meetings and keep up the guarantee one for you nor the suitability of the person selected.
  5. If you wish to change partners please contact the coordinator.
  6. Please inform the coordinator if you no longer wish to be considered for an exchange.
  7. If your partner decides to end the exchange, you must not attempt to contact them further.
  8. The Conversation Exchange coordinator should be contacted in case of problems.
  9. The coordinator may contact you in confidence for feedback and monitoring purposes.
  10. The coordinator should be contacted when you wish to leave, and all of your personal data will be deleted.

Now that you have read our Conversation Exchange Guidelines, clik on Join to register.

A great way to improve your fluency and expand your vocabulary in a relaxed and supportive environment.

The Advising Team