An Indo-European language and a member of the North Germanic group (the East Scandinavian branch), spoken by over 8 million people mainly in the Kingdom of Sweden, where it is the official language, as well as in the neighbouring Finland (where it also has official status) and Estonia, with some further speakers in Canada and the USA.

The earliest written traces of the language are runic inscriptions from around the 3rd century, but in the 13th century Swedish began to emerge in a form distinct from common Old Norse. Modern standard Swedish was established by the Swedish Academy in the late 18th century. Today the language is spoken in several mutually comprehensible dialects and the standard language is based on the central (Stockholm) dialect. It is spelt in the Roman alphabet.

Swedish is a tonal language. There are two main tones - single and double. Tone may be phonemic.

CLASSIFICATION = Indo-European family, SCRIPT = Roman


Beginner's Swedish : with 2 Audio CDs SWE CBEG 3(PACK)
Bra början 1 : svenska för vuxna invandare SWE CBEG 7(PACK)
Bra början 1 : Ö̈vningsbok SWE CBEG 7(PACK)
Colloquial Swedish : the complete course for beginners SWE CBEG 2(PACK)
From English to Swedish 1 : A basic Swedish textbook for English speaking students SWE CBEG 6
På svenska! 1 : A1 & A2 Lärobok
     På svenska! 1 : A1 & A2 Övningsbok
     På svenska! 1 : A1 & A2 Studiebok
Rivstart : svenska som främmande sprak A1 + A2 SWE CBEG 4(PACK)
Speak Swedish with confidence SWE CBEG 1(PACKS 1-2)
Bra början 2 : svenska för vuxna invandare SWE CINT 3(PACK)
Bra början 2 : Övningsbok SWE CINT 3a ; 3a(CD)
På̊ Svenska! 2 : Svenska som fämmande språk SWE CINT 2(PACK)
Rivstart : svenska som fraammande spraak B1 + B2 SWE CINT 1(PACK)

Bra början 3 : svenska för vuxna invandare SWE CADV 2(PACK)
På svenska! 3 : tio veckor på en tidning : lärobok
På svenska! 3 : tio veckor på en tidning : övingsbok + CD


Bonniers Svenska Ordbok SWE DICO 1
English-Swedish dictionary SWE DICO 2
A Modern Swedish English dictionary SWE DICO 3
Norstedts engelska fickordbok : Engelsk - svensk Svensk - engelsk SWE DICO 6
Norstedts lilla engelska ordbok : Engelsk - svensk Svensk - engelsk SWE DICO 5
Swedish dictionary : English-Swedish, Swedish-English SWE DICO 4


Barnvagnen (The pram) SWE FILM 19(VS)
The bridge : The complete season 1 SWE FILM 31:1-3(DVD)*
The bridge : The complete season 2 SWE FILM 32:1-3(DVD)*
The girl with the dragon tattoo SWE FILM 4(DVD)*
False trail SWE FILM 26(DVD)*
Jordskott SWE FILM 33:1-4(DVD)*
Jungfrukällen (The virgin spring) SWE FILM 21(VS)
Let the right one in SWE FILM 3(DVD)*
A man called Ove SWE FILM 34(DVD)*
Masjävlar = Dalecarlians SWE FILM 6(DVD)*
Oxen (The ox) SWE FILM 23(VS)
Persona SWE FILM 1(VS)
Play SWE FILM 17(DVD)*
Scener ur ett äktenskap (Scenes from a marriage) SWE FILM 13(VS)
Sebastian Bergman SWE FILM 27(DVD)*
Det Sjunde inseglet (The seventh seal) SWE FILM 9(DVD)*
Smultronstället (Wild strawberries) SWE FILM 12(VS)
Söndags barn (Sunday's children) SWE FILM 22(VS)
Summer interlude SWE FILM 2(VS)
Together SWE FILM 5(DVD)*
Van Veeteren (Vol. 1) SWE FILM 28:1-2(DVD)*
Van Veeteren (Vol. 2) SWE FILM 29:1-2(DVD)*
We are the best SWE FILM 30(DVD)*


201 Swedish verbs fully conjugated in all the tenses SWE GRAM 1
33 läs- och skrivövningar : Träningsmaterial i svenska som andraspråk SWE GRAM 9
Common Swedish verbs SWE GRAM 11
A Compact Swedish Grammar SWE GRAM 5
A concise Swedish grammar : Svensk grammatik på engelska SWE GRAM 2
Deskriptiv svensk grammatik SWE GRAM 7
En svensk; mini gramatik SWE GRAM 8
Essential Swedish Grammar SWE GRAM 6
Prepositionsboken SWE GRAM 4
Swedish; an elementary grammar-reader SWE GRAM 10
Swedish essentials of grammar SWE GRAM 3


Reading - Factual
Learn Swedish II : Swedish - English easy stories SWE RFACT 1
Reading - Fiction
Learn Swedish : Swedish reader for beginners SWE RFICT 3
Maigret och tjallaren (Maigret and the burglar's wife) SWE RFICT 1
Maigret och vinhandlaren (Maigret and the Wine Merchant) SWE RFICT 2
Tösen från Stormyrtorpet (The girl from the Marsh Croft) SWE RFICT 4
Reading Skills
Text i fokus 1 : Övningar i läsföståelse och ordkunskap SWE RSKILLS 1(PACK)
Text i fokus 2 : Övningar i läsföståelse och ordkunskap SWE RSKILLS 2(PACK)


A century of Swedish narrative : essays in honour of Karin Petherick SWE REF 3
A history of Swedish literature SWE REF 1
How to learn and memorize Swedish vocabulary : Using a Memory Palace specifically designed for the Swedish language SWE REF 4

Specific Purposes

English business dictionary : engelsk-svensk-engelsk SWE BUSI 1
Norstedts engelska affärsordbok SWE BUSI 2
Rivstart : Yrkesliv SWE BUSI 1(PACK)
Swedish film today SWE CINE 1
English law dictionary : engelsk-svensk-engelsk SWE LAW 1
Medicine : Engelsk-Svensk-Engelsk SWE MED 1
Science & Technology
Svensk - Engelsk Teknisk ordbok : Swedish-English Technical dictionary SWE SCI 1
Dictionary of Computing / Information Technology : engelsk-svensk-engelsk SWE SCI 2


Talstegen övningar i muntlig färdighet och uttal SWE VOCAB 1