Polish is an Indo-European language and a member of the West Slavonic group, spoken by c. 40 million people, mainly in Poland, where it is the official language, but also in the UK, USA, Australia and other countries as an important immigrant language. The closest linguistic affiliation is with Czech, Slovak, and Sorbian/Lusatian.

The earliest written traces of the language date from the 12th century, and modern literary language, based on the dialect of the Poznan area, started emerging in the 16th century. Polish literature has flourished in the 20th century.

CLASSIFICATION = Indo-European family, SCRIPT = Latin with addition of diacritics


Collins easy learning Polish POL CBEG 6(PACK)
Colloquial Polish : the complete course for beginners - 2nd ed. POL CBEG 1(PACK)
Complete Polish POL CBEG 2(PACK)
Get by in Polish POL CBEG 3(PACKS 1-2)[†]
Po polsku 1 : podrȩcznik studenta POL CBEG 5(PACK)
Po polsku 1 : eszyt ćwiczeń POL CBEG 5:1(PACK)
Spoken world Polish : a complete course for beginners POL CBEG 4(PACK)
Cos wam powiem... : cwiczenia komunikacyjne : poziom podstawowy B1, sredni ogólny B2 POL CINT 2(PACK)
Intermediate Polish POL CINT 1
Po Polsku 2 : podrȩcznik studenta POL CINT 4(PACK)
Po Polsku 2 : zeszyt ćwiczeń POL CINT 4a(PACK)
Po Polsku 2 : podrȩcznik nauczyciela POL CINT 4b
Po Polsku 3 : podrȩcznik studenta POL CINT 3(PACK)
Po Polsku 3 : zeszyt ćwiczeń POL CINT 3a(PACK)

Dictionaries & Business

Bilingual visual dictionary : [Polish/English] POL DICO 4
Cambridge Klett concise Polish-English dictionary : angielsko-polski, polsko-angielski POL DICO 3
Specific Purposes - Business
Business Glossary : English-Polish Polish-English POL BUSI 1


I'm So-So POL DOCU 1(DVD)*
The Struggles for Poland POL DOCU 2(PACK)


Blizna (The Scar) POL FILM 1(DVD)*
Chce się żyć (Life feels good) POL FILM 8(DVD)*
The double life of Veronique (Podwójne życie Weroniki) POL FILM 5(DVD)*
Knife in the water (Nóż w wodzie) POL FILM 3(DVD)*
Listy do M. POL FILM 9(DVD)*
Listy do M. 2 POL FILM 10(DVD)*
Przypadek (Blind Chance) POL FILM 2(DVD)*
A short film about love (Krótki film o milości) POL FILM 6(DVD)*


301 Polish verbs : fully conjugated in all tenses in a new easy-to-learn format, alphabetically arranged POL GRAM 4
Basic Polish : a grammar and workbook (Grammar workbooks series) POL GRAM 2
Discovering Polish : a learner's grammar POL GRAM 6
Intermediate Polish : a grammar and workbook POL GRAM 3
Jezyk polski dla cudzoziemcow : Cwiczenia dla poczatkujacych POL GRAM 5
Polish : an essential grammar POL GRAM 1


Fonetyka POL PRON 1(PACK)


Reading - Fiction
First Polish reader for beginners : Bilingual for speakers of English POL RFICT 2
First Polish reader for beginners (Volume 2) : Bilingual for speakers of English POL RFICT 3
First Polish reader for beginners (Volume 3) : Bilingual for speakers of English POL RFICT 4
Opowiesci mojej zony (Tales told by my wife) POL RFICT 1
Reading Skills
The Routledge intermediate Polish reader : Polish through the press, Internet and contemporary literature POL RSKILLS 1


Say it the Polish way POL SSKILLS 1(PACK)


Testu swoj Polski 1 POL VOCAB 1(PACK)