An Indo-European language and a member of the East Slavonic group of languages spoken by some 280 million people as their first or second language in the Russian Federation, where it is the official language, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, where it is one of the official languages, and about 30 other countries, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Finland, Georgia, Greece, and the Baltic countries; sizeable émigré communities live in Canada, the USA, Israel and some Western European countries. Russian is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. The closest linguistic affiliation is with Ukrainian and Belarusian.

The language can be traced back to the 11th century. The earliest written documents were in Old Church Slavonic, one of the liturgical languages of the Orthodox Church. Spoken language became fully codified during the reign of Peter the Great (1672-1725). The dialect of Moscow was taken as the Russian standard and the Cyrillic script was revised and simplified. Among the most prominent scholars involved in the reforms is Mikhail Lomonosov, whose Russian Grammar was first published in 1755.

Russian literature is rich and influential, and it particularly flourished in the 19th century, when among its best-known representatives were two great novelists: Leo Tolstoy and Fedor Dostoyevskii, two poets: Aleksander Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov and playwright Anton Chekhov.

The language is spelt in the Roman alphabet with diacritics.

CLASSIFICATION = Indo-European family , SCRIPT = Cyrillic


Beginner's Russian with interactive online worksbook (2016) RU CBEG 15
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Ruslan Russian 3 : a communicative Russian course for advanced learners RU CADV 4(PACK)
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Anna RU DOCU 1(DVD)*
Povinnost (Confession) RU DOCU 6:1-2(DVD)*


The admiral RU FILM 36(DVD)*
Agoniya (Agony) RU FILM 21:1-2(DVD)*
Andrei Rublev RU FILM 51:1-2(DVD)*
Anna Karenina RU FILM 48(DVD)*
Autumn marathon RU FILM 2(DVD)*
Ballade o soldate RU FILM 17(DVD)*
The banishment RU FILM 55(DVD)*
The battleship Potemkin RU FILM 37(DVD)*
Brat RU FILM 23(DVD)*
Brat 2 RU FILM 23a(DVD)*
Burnt by the sun (Utomlyonnye solntsem) RU FILM 10(DVD)*
Burnt by the sun 2 RU FILM 10:1-2(DVD)*
The commissar RU FILM 31:1-2(DVD)*
The Concert RU FILM 8(DVD)*
The cranes are flying (Letyat zhuravli) RU FILM 27(DVD)*
Crime and Punishment : Part I and Part II EN FILM 88:1-2(DVD)
A Cruel Romance RU FILM 30:1-2(DVD)*
The cuckoo (Kukushka) RU FILM 46(DVD)* ; RU FILM 46(VS)
Devchata (Girls) RU FILM 35:3(DVD)*
Dvadtsatii vek nachinaetsia (The twentieth century approaches) RU FILM 25:4(DVD)*
Elena RU FILM 9(DVD)*
Heart of a dog = Sobache serdtse RU FILM 60(DVD)*
How I ended this summer RU FILM 59(DVD)*
The irony of fate RU FILM 56(DVD)*
Ivan the terrible: part I RU FILM 40:1(DVD)*
Ivan the terrible: part II : the boyar's plot RU FILM 40:2(DVD)*
Alexander Nevsky RU FILM 40:3(DVD)*
I zhizn, i slyozy, i lyubov... RU FILM 12(VS)
Katia Ismailova RU FILM 13(DVD)*
Koktebel RU FILM 32(DVD)*
Krylya (Wings) (B&W) RU FILM 29(DVD)*
Leviathan RU FILM 54(DVD)*
Loveless RU FILM 62(DVD)*
The master & margarita RU FILM 5:1-3(DVD)*
Moscow doesn't believe in tears RU FILM 24:1-2(DVD)*
Mother and son RU FILM 41(DVD)*
Ne khlebom edinym RU FILM 26(DVD)*
Neokonchennaya pyesa dlya mekhanicheskogo pianino (Unfinished piece for the piano player) RU FILM 4(DVD)*
October (silent film) RU FILM 43(DVD)*
One day In Europe RU FILM 34(DVD)*
Otets i syn RU FILM 20(DVD)*
Prikliucheniia Sherloka Kholmsa i Doktora Vatsona RU FILM 25:5:1-2(DVD)*
Prisoner of the mountains RU FILM 28(DVD)*
The rifleman of the Voroshilov regiment RU FILM 57(DVD)*
A room and a half RU FILM 7(DVD)*
Russkii kovcheg RU FILM 19(DVD)*
Satisfaktsiya (Satisfaction) RU FILM 49(DVD)*
Sherlok Kholms i Doktor Vatson. Krasnym po belomu RU FILM 25:3(DVD)*
Sibirskiy tsiryulnik (The Barber of Siberia) RU FILM 33(DVD)*
Silent souls RU FILM 50(DVD)*
Sobaka Baskervilei RU FILM 25:1(DVD)*
Solnechny udar RU FILM 58(DVD)*
A star of fascinating happiness RU FILM 52(DVD)*
Strike (Silent film) RU FILM 42(DVD)*
The student RU FILM 61(DVD)*
Tulpan RU FILM 1(VS)
Utomlyonnye solntsem (Burnt by the sun) RU FILM 2(DVD)*
Vesna (Springtime/Spring) RU FILM 35:1(DVD)*
Volga, Volga RU FILM 35:2(DVD)*
Vor RU FILM 45(VS)
Voskhozhdeniye (The ascent) RU FILM 47(DVD)*
Vozvrashcheniye (The return) RU FILM 18(DVD)*
Vysota (Height) RU FILM 35:4(DVD)*
War and peace: part 1 : Andrei Bolkonsky part 1 & 2 RU FILM 44:1(DVD)*
War and peace: part 2 : Natasha Rostova RU FILM 44:2(DVD)*
War and peace: part 3 : 1812 RU FILM 44:3(DVD)*
War and peace: part 4 : Pierre Bezukhov RU FILM 44:4(DVD)*
War and peace : Bonus RU FILM 44:5(DVD)*
We rode the tram RU FILM 53(DVD)*
Zamri umri voskresni (= Don't move, die and rise again) RU FILM 14(VS)
Zerkalo (Mirror) RU FILM 3(DVD)*
Zimnyaya vishnya (= Winter cherries) RU FILM 15(DVD)*
Život a neobyčejná dobrodružství vojáka Ivana Čonkina (=The life and extraordinary adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin) RU FILM 16(VS)
A zori zdes' tikhie RU FILM 22:1-2(DVD)*


501 Russian verbs : fully conjugated in all the tenses, alphabetically arranged - 2nd ed. RU GRAM 16
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Verbs Aspects in Russian RU GRAM 19(CD)
Verbs of motion in Russian RU GRAM 20(CD)
Verbs of motion in Russian RU GRAM 14


Listening - Factual
Brat'ia Karamazovy : 30 kasset RU LFICT 5:1a-3b(casssette)
Master i Margarita : 11 kasset : 17 chasov zvuchaniya ( bez sokrashchenii) (Audiokniga series) RU LFICT 6:1a-11b(casssette)
Listening - Fiction
Eugene Onegin RU LFICT 1(PACKS 1-2)
Fathers and sons RU LFICT 8(CD)
M. Lermontov : Demon RU LFICT 3(CD)
M. Lermontov : Geroi nashego vremeni RU LFICT 2(CD)
N. Gogol : Tale of the two Ivans RU LFICT 4(CD)
A novel about girls RU LFICT 9(CD)
One Hour before sunrise RU LFICT 10(CD)
Road to Calvary RU LFICT 11:1-4(CD)
Listening - Poetry
Russian poetry : read in Russian by Larissa Gatova RU POEM 1(CD)
Silver age of Russian Poetry : symbolist poets RU POEM 2(CD)
Listening Skills
Easy Russian for English speakers RU LSKILLS 10(DVD)
Moskva dlia vas! videorecording : 24-minutnii fil'm dlia studentov russkoga iazyka (Moscow for you! : a film for learners of Russian) RU LSKILLS 1(DVD)
Slushaem zhivulu russkulu rech' : posoble po audirovaniiu RU LSKILLS 9(PACK)
We travel around Russia : Baikal RU LSKILLS 3(PACK)
We travel around Russia : Kaluga RU LSKILLS 4(PACK)
We travel around Russia : Kazan RU LSKILLS 5(PACK)
We travel around Russia : Moscow RU LSKILLS 2(PACK)
We travel around Russia : Novgorod Velikili, Pskov, Mikhailovskoe RU LSKILLS 6(PACK)
We travel around Russia : Rostov Velikili, Suzdal, Vladimir RU LSKILLS 7(PACK)
We travel around Russia : Sankt Peterburg RU LSKILLS 8(PACK)

Pronunciation, Speaking & Vocabulary

Russian stress RU PRON 2(CD)
The sounds and alphabet of Russian RU PRON 1(CD)
Speaking Skills
Grammatika chustv RU SSKILLS 1(PACK)
Posobie po obucheniiu russkumu udareniiu RU SSKILLS 2
Vocabulary & Vocabulary Building
Basic Russian vocabulary : a handy reference of everyday words arranged by topic RU VOCAB 1
How to learn and memorize Russian vocabulary... : using a memory palace specifically designed for the Russian language RU VOCAB 10
Russian phrases for dummies RU VOCAB 11
Russkaia leksika v zadanilakh i krossvordakh ; vypusk 2 - v dome RU VOCAB 8
Russkaia leksika v zadanilakh i krossvordakh ; vypusk 3 - gorod RU VOCAB 9
Scrabble - Russian edition RU VOCAB 6
Streetwise Russian : speak and understand everyday Russian RU VOCAB 5(PACK)
Using Russian synonyms RU VOCAB 3
Untranslatable 93 Russian words RU VOCAB 7
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Using Russian vocabulary RU VOCAB 4

Reading & Writing

Reading - Factual
First Russian reader for beginners : Bilingual for speakers of English RU RFACT 4
Great Britain : Dorling Kindersley guide RU RFACT 1
News from Russia : language, life, and the Russian media RU RFACT 2
Reading - Fiction
Alice in Wonderland RU RFICT 7(PACK)
Brat'ia Karamazovy : roman : chasti pervaia - vtoraia [Kniga 1] (Mirovaia klassika series) RU RFICT 5a
Brat'ia Karamazovy : roman : chasti tret'ia - chetvertaia [Kniga 2] (Mirovaia klassika series) RU RFICT 5b
First reader in Russian : everyday life experiences of young Russian people RU RFICT 2
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Russian in the mirror of modern prose RU RFICT 15
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Second Russian reader : Bilingual for speakers of English RU RF1CT 11
Stories from today's Russia = Rasskazy iz segodniashnii Rossii : a reader for intermediate students of Russian RU RFICT 1
Where is Edet Abtobuch? : Practicing verbs of motion : a story for advanced readers in Russian and English RU RFICT 14
Reading Skills
25 texts from Russian newspapers RU RSKILLS 1
The golden names of Russia : Anton Chekov RU RSKILLS 8(PACK)
Learn to read Russian in 5 days RU RSKILLS 7
Kaleidoscope : Russian reading book RU RSKILLS 3
Nachinaem chitat po-russki (PACK) RU RSKILLS 4; RU RSKILLS 4(CD)
Reading 50 Russian texts RU RSKILLS 2
Rossiia segodnia : tekstiy i uprazhneniia RU RSKILLS 6
Russky yazyk dlia nachinaiuchij (Rusian for beginners) RU RSKILLS 5
A guide to essay writing in Russian RU WSKILLS 2
Russian script hacking : The optimal pathway to learn the Russian alphabet RU WSKILLS 3
Russian syntax : aspects of modern Russian syntax and vocabulary - 2nd ed. RU WSKILLS 1


The Cambridge History of Russian Literature RU REF 5
Encyclopedia of contemporary Russian culture RU REF 1
Russia: a quick guide to customs & etiquette RU REF 4
The Russian word's worth : a humorous and informative guide to Russian language, culture and translation RU REF 7

Specific purposes

Cinema for Russian conversation. Volume 1 RU CINE 1
Cinema for Russian conversation. Volume 2 RU CINE 2
O russkikh filmakh po russki RU CINE 3
Novosti iz Rossii RU MEDIA 1
First Russian Medical Reader for health professions and nursing : bilingual for speakers of English : speak, write and understand basic Russian in no time RU MED 1
Comprehensive English-Russian and Russian-English medical dictionary RU MED 2