Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin & Serbian

These languages are of Indo-European origin and are members of the South Slavic group of languages, spoken by c. 20 million people as a first or second language in several countries which formerly comprised Yugoslavia (notably in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia) and a substantial number of immigrants in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden and other countries.

The earliest texts date form the 12th century, and the modern standard language is based on the central (also known as Shtokavian) dialect. The orthography tends to be phonemic, with rare exeptions.

Bosnian, Serbian, Montenegrin and Croatian are so closely inter-connected as to be mutually intelligible, distinguishable by certain colloquialisms and localised dialects only. Serbian and Montenegrin tend to be written more in the Cyrillic script (use both) and Bosnian and Croatian in Latin (exclusively).

Learners are encouraged to use resources from all language sections to maximise their learning potential and exposure to language from different areas.

CLASSIFICATION = Indo-European family , SCRIPT = Latin and Cyrillic


One to one bilingual dictionary : English - Bosnian Bosnian - English BOS DICO 1
An episode in the life of an iron picker BOS FILM 1(DVD)*
Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a grammar : with sociolinguistic commentary BOS GRAM 1
Bosnian language : 101 Bosnian verbs BOS GRAM 2


Colloquial Croatian [multimedia] : the complete course for beginners CRO CBEG 2(PACK)
Complete Croatian [multimedia] CRO CBEG 1(PACK)
Spoken world Croatian : a complete course for beginners CRO CBEG 4(PACK)
English - Croatian pocket dictionary CRO DICO 1
The priest's children (Svećenikova djeca) CRO FILM 1(DVD)*
Croatian grammar CRO GRAM 1
The extraordinary challenge/ Izuzetni izazov: a mini novel with vocabulary section for learners of Croatian CRO RFICT 1
My long-distance relationship/ Moja daleka ljubav: a mini novel with vocabulary section for learners of Croatian CRO RFICT 2


Colloquial Serbian [multimedia] : the complete course for beginners SER CBEG 1(PACK)
Complete Serbian [multimedia] SER CBEG 5(PACK)
Naucimo srpski 1 = Let's learn Serbian [1]
Naucimo srpski 2 = Let's learn Serbian [2]
Serbian (Teach yourself) SER CBEG 2(PACK)
Comprehensive Serbian-English dictionary SER DICO 1
Illustrated English-Serbian school dictionary SER DICO 4
Oxford English - Serbian student's dictionary SER DICO 2
Standard English-SerboCroatian, SerboCroatian-English dictionary : a dictionary of Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian standards SER DICO 3
Feature films
Black cat white cat SER FILM 3(DVD)*
Dom za Vešanje = Time of the gypsies SER FILM 1(DVD)
Life is a miracle SER FILM 5:1-2(DVD)
The Parade SER FILM 6(DVD)*
Underground SER FILM 2(DVD)
Serbian : an essential grammar SER GRAM 1
Naše ili tuđe : srednjovekovna pisana kultura Balkana i Srednje Evrope = Ours or alien : written culture in the Balkans and Central Europe in the Middle Ages SER RFACT 1
O golmanima i bubnjarima SER RFICT 1
Serbia on the map of Europe and the world SER RFACT 2
Serbian vocabulary for english speakers : English-Serbian : the most useful words to expand your lexicon and sharpen your language skills SER VOCAB 1