Naucimo srpski 2 = Let's learn Serbian [2]
Bjelakovic, Isidora; Vojnovic, Jelena; Alanovic, Milivoj; Drazic, Jasmina; Bugarski, Natasha; Kuresevic, Marina, 2006.
A fast-paced course in intermediat modern standard Serbian, presented in Serbian throughout with transliterated text in units 1 and 2 followed by cyrillic text from unit 3.
Designed primarily for classroom based tuition, it is specifically created for students of Slavonic languages and learners of Serbian as a heritage language, as it focuses on pragmatic and cultural aspects of language usage and assumes some familiarity with the grammatical terminology and structure of inflected languages.
Self-study learners could use the course with some persistance and reference to a good dictionary.
SER CBEG 4; SER CBEG 4a; SER CBEG 4:1-2(CD) Open access