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CULP: Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Learning Resources

All the learning resources directly associated with a specific CULP course are hosted on the Moodle site.
Moodle uses Raven authentication (requiring a CRSID and Raven password) making it accessible from both within the University and remotely.

Other online learning resources delivered from within the Language Centre, are available via LC Online.

The John Trim Centre is the Language Centre's self-access learning space, which houses materials in some 170+ languages, including a large video library, and provides workstations and learning spaces for self-study and pair work/small group work. CULP learners are strongly encouraged to use a range of language learning resources to supplement their classwork and online learning. This includes, for example, the use of grammar reference books to deepen grammatical understanding, published course books which cover similar topics/functions to those being studied in class, watching films to develop cultural knowledge and listening skills etc.

Self-study is supported by the Language Centre's specialist Advising service and CULP learners are encouraged to take advantage of this.

Please note, you will continue to have access to all learning resources for an additional 2 weeks after the course has finished.

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