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CULP: Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I may not be able to get to every lesson. Is there any point in signing up?
A: CULP courses are designed for busy students and staff. The courses in Michaelmas and Lent are offered on a weekly basis with one hour homework per week.
Q: I have lectures every day, how can I fit a CULP course in?
A: Most CULP courses take place in the evenings or lunchtimes taking into account our learners' busy schedules.
Q: I'm not sure I can afford the fees for a CULP course. Can anyone help?
A: Students may be able to request financial contribution from their College towards the payment of CULP fees. Please note that any such contribution will be at the discretion of the College.
Q: I'm having problems with payment.
A: If you should experience any difficulties with payment, please contact and we will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. For all other enquiries, please contact
Q: If I do a CULP course, how do I show my language skills on my CV?
A: Completion of a CULP course will generate a Certificate of Proficiency mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference which can be added to the student's Language Passport, alongside their other language qualifications.
Q: Can I study two different languages in one academic term?
A: There is no restriction as to how many courses a learner can join, provided undergraduate students submit a letter (found on our website) signed by the Director of Studies that they can cope with their academic workload.
Q: Do I need to purchase a book for a CULP course?
A: Most class resources are located online and administered via Moodle. Handouts are also distributed in class.
Q: I don't have a Raven password. Can I use my friend's/spouse's password to log in?
A: Students/Staff need to have their own Raven password. They are not allowed to use someone else's.
Q: I am not sure which level to choose despite carefully reading the information on your website about the CEFR levels. Is there anyone I could consult before enrolling?
A: We always have advising sessions before enrolment for students to consult teachers about their level, timetables and syllabi. Please check our website for more details.
Q: Unfortunately I missed the Michaelmas enrolment - is there another chance to join this year's CULP courses?
A: There is another chance to join a CULP course in the beginning of the Lent term (false beginners only). CULP courses are also offered in the Easter term in Semi-Intensive format and Long Vacation term (Intensive format).
Q: How much independent study time am I supposed to commit to?
A: Two hours working with CULP online materials per session, eg. standard course = 2 hours/week.
Q: Can I still use the resources in the Language Centre after I've finished my CULP course?
A: Yes, this is free while you are a member of the University, but subject to a small charge after you leave.
Q: Can I change classes if the level I originally chose is not the right level for me?
A: Yes, provided there are spaces. Please do come to our advising sessions to talk to the teacher before enrolment.
Q: Is there anything I should prepare for my first Russian class?
A: Yes! The Russian alphabet! (Russian teachers' wishful thinking.)

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