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The Language Centre  The Language Centre

The Language Centre


CULP: Enrolment and Information

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All CULP Courses are enrolled through The Language Centre UTBS site.

The Language Centre provides:

CULP offers courses in a range of languages, at various levels and for general (everyday language) and specific (i.e. Medics) purposes and most of the courses are available from October to July.

The motivation for wanting to learn a language varies from personal to study-related reasons in a wide range of disciplines. Catering to this mixture is a challenge and we believe in the following:

Language learning is a journey. We aim to equip you for this endeavour with the necessary linguistic tools and cultural awareness to make it possible for you to understand and appreciate other people and cultures as well as to articulate your own thoughts and meet your specific goals;

The CULP Team
    • We teach in blended-learning mode using online resources provided through our virtual learning environment;
    • General Language Courses:  Basic to Intermediate 1 levels focus on developing the functional language to communicate effectively in everyday situations as well as on acquiring a command of the underlying grammatical structures while Intermediate 2 to Advanced levels tend to be more ‘topic’ based and aim at developing further the learners’ communicative tools, deepening the understanding of the grammatical structures and offering a meaningful insight into the culture of the areas where the language is spoken;
    • Specialist Courses aim at supporting specific groups of students in achieving their study goals;
    • Language learning requires practice and consolidation and we recommend that you consult the rich vein of resources in the John Trim Centre and engage with the extension activities. You may, for example, join our conversation exchange scheme and practise the language with a native speaker.

General Language Courses

General Language CULP courses are available to all students and staff of the Collegiate University.

These courses offer general, everyday language tuition from basic (ab initio) to advanced levels.

The languages available in 2017/18 are:

Specialist Language Courses

Languages for Academic Purposes (LAP) in Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish Postgraduates of the Schools of Arts & Humanities and Humanities & Social Sciences
Languages for Medics in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian & Spanish Clinical Schools Self-Selected Component
German for Archive Work Faculty of History
German for Music Winterreise, Faculty of Music
Italian for Music Don Giovanni, Faculty of Music
German for Themes and Sources Faculty of History

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Study with CULP and become fluent!

Our very own student (Milo Edwards, Alumni 2015, read Classics @ Peterhouse.) of CULP Russian (Basic 1 & I1) has moved to Moscow to become a stand-up comedian.... in Russian!

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