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CULP: Assessment

Enrolment Procedure

Regulations and Procedures for CULP Assessment

CULP Award (Advanced Level Only)

To be eligible for the CULP Award 80% attendance (12/15 sessions) is required and all pieces of formative and summative assessment must be completed. This includes the Christmas Vacation Essay.

The Christmas Vacation Essay is to be uploaded to MOODLE in Word format, no later than MIDNIGHT on THURSDAY 11th JANUARY 2018.

NB: For late submissions up until MIDNIGHT on THURSDAY 18th JANUARY 2018, there will be a deduction of 10% of the marks available for this essay. Essays uploaded any later will be invalid.

This will take place during the last lesson or the penultimate lesson of the course as advised by the Course teacher at the beginning of the Lent Term. Once agreed, the date/time cannot be renegotiated. All presentations together with the Question and Answer session will be videoed for quality assurance purposes.

EXAMINATION: (Listening, Reading and Writing):

The Examination will take place on THURSDAY 15th MARCH 2018, 16:00-19:00.

CULP Certificate of Proficiency

To be eligible for this certificate 80% attendance and an overall score of at least 50% in the assessments/examinations are required.

Assessment for Basic 1 & 2 in All Languages is as follows:

4 pieces of homework:

After Lesson 3: Moodle quiz:
(General Understanding)
5% of final mark
After Lesson 6: Moodle quiz:
5% of final mark
After Lesson 7: Writing
(submitted before Lesson 8):
5% of final mark
After Lesson 10: Moodle quiz:
5% of final mark


Lesson 7:   In-class
Grammar quiz 1

10% of final mark
Lesson 13: In-class
Grammar quiz 2
10% of final mark
Lesson 15: Oral
30% of final mark
Lesson 15: Examination:
(Listening, Reading and Writing)
30% of final mark

Assessment for Intermediate & Elementary in relevant languages is as follows:

Lesson 7: In-class
Grammar quiz 1
10% of final mark
Lesson 13: In-class
Grammar quiz 2
10% of final mark
Reading/Writing Examination:
Standard course (Mich/Lent):
last Saturday of the course.
Semi-intensive (Easter) and
Intensive course (Long Vacation):
during lessons 14/15.
30% of final mark
Lesson 14/15:
Listening Examination:
Oral Examination:

20% of final mark
30% of final mark

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Assessment Marking Criteria


Basic 1, 2, Elementary & Intermediate 1

Intermediate 2 & Advanced


Basic 1

Basic 2, Elementary & Intermediate 1

Intermediate 2


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Examination Arrangements

The dates of the Examinations are published on the Language Centre website and will also be advised by the course teacher at the beginning of the course. It is the responsibility of students to note the dates and make themselves available.

Illness or disability

If you have an illness or disability you may require some form of adjustment to your examinations. Any adjustment will depend on the nature and severity of your illness or disability. For example, you may be granted additional time if you have a disability or medical condition that could prevent you from completing your examination within the specified time. If necessary, it may be possible to produce your examination papers in an alternative format. N.B. Any request for special consideration will require submission of your SSD to the CULP Administrator.

If you are unable to take an Examination for which you have been entered, you should at once inform your teacher and the CULP Administrator.


The Examinations will be invigilated by members of the CULP team. You may ask an Examiner if you have reason to suppose that there is a misprint or other error in the paper, or to enquire whether you may take some particular point for granted in answering a question. It is a pre-requisite of the higher level Papers i.e. Intermediate 2 and Advanced that they are written entirely in the target language.

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Religious Observance

The Language Centre subscribes to the University policy regarding religious observance. For specific information, please visit: 

Please indicate any illness, disability or religious observance of which we should be aware, on the UTBS at the time of enrolment under the heading Special Requirements.

You should advise the CULP Administrator during the Michaelmas Term if your religious observance will prevent your taking a scheduled Examination.


Students should be aware that The Language Centre subscribes to the University of Cambridge’s policy regarding plagiarism.

Plagiarism is defined as submitting as one's own work, irrespective of intent to deceive, that which derives in part or in its entirety from the work of others without due acknowledgement. It is both poor scholarship and a breach of academic integrity.

For further information please visit:

Please note that instances of plagiarism are taken seriously and will be penalised.

Regulations produced: September 2016. Last reviewed August 2017 

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