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An Indo-European language and a member or the Celtic branch (Goidelic group) of languages. Manx is spoken by 59 native speakers, and by 1,689 second language speakers, i.e. 2.2% or the population of 76,315 (2001 census). In 1974 Manx was classified as extinct as a first language, but has since revived. It is used in the Isle of Man as an official language together with English. It is recognised under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.

The closest linguistic affiliation is with Irish Gaelic.

CLASSIFICATION = Indo-European    SCRIPT = Roman


Conversational Manx MX CA 1


Skeealyn 'sy Ghailck=Stories in Manx MX L 1
Chengey-ny-mayrey=Manx Gaelic, spoken by native speakers MX L 2 a-b


Fockleyr ny gaelgey = A dictionary of the Manks language MANX DICO 1