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Language Learning Resources

To support language learning the Language Centre is making a range of its language learning resources available as open courseware under the Creative Commons Licence. Most of these resources were initially developed for the language courses run as part of the Cambridge University Language Programme (CULP). The materials were designed for use in a blended learning environment combining ICT-based learning with face-to-face learning in the classroom. The resources can be used for self-study but for their most effective use they will benefit from a learning environment with some face-to-face contact. We hope to make further resources available as open courseware in the near future.


The web-based applications are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 UK: England & Wales Licence. In essence the software can be used by individuals and institutions as long it is not used for commercial gain and as long as the web-based applications are not modified. For more information see the licence. Institutions wishing to use the application in a commercial context should contact the Language Centre.


In order to maintain and update its open courseware the Language Centre needs financial support. If you decide to use the software to support your own learning or that of others please consider making a donation to the Centre. Even a small donation would be very much appreciated. To make a donation please go here.

Requirements & Installation

All web-applications can be run on stand-alone machines or from a server.


All web-based applications are accessed through a web-browser. The applications have been tested most extensively with Firefox, but they should work fine in most recent web-browsers. In addition, the client computers should have a recent version of Flash installed to access the audio and video components as well as most interactive components.

Stand-alone installation

Download the most recent version of the application as a zip file. Create a directory on your local machine and unzip the archive. Point your webbrowser at the main page of the application, usually index.html.

Server installation

Copy the zip file to a suitable location in the document tree of your webserver and unzip it. The web-application do not contain any server-side scripting or unusual file types, so no additional configuration should be necessary.

Support & Feedback

The Language Centre cannot undertake to provide any support for the resources made available as open courseware. Please check the FAQ page for each application for additional information and to contact the maintainers of the software.

Available as Open Courseware   Courseware

  • Basic ChineseBasic Chinese
    Includes Essentials and a Basic Grammar. An Anki Deck to accompany the course is available separately.


  • Intermediate Chinese
    Function-based material presented through nine themes each based on three or four audio dialogues.


  • French Learning Objects
    Small, independent resources that can be used either as part of a course or for self study.


  • Basic GermanBasic German
    Contains German Essentials, German Grammar and German Verbs which are also available individually.


  • German Learning Objects
    Small, independent resources that can be used either as part of a course or for self study.