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Intermediate Chinese


This is a web-application developed by the University of Cambridge Language Centre for intermediate level students of Chinese. The material is function-based and presented through nine themes, each based on 3 or 4 audio dialogues. Comprehension of each dialogue is supported by vocabulary help, transcript (in Chinese characters with optional pinyin access), translation, language notes and comprehension activities. There are also notes on cultural background, language functions, grammar notes, practice activities, reading material and a self-test to help learners evaluate their progress.

Please read the pdf fileRead Me First file.


Click on an image to view the full size version, and on 'Next' and 'Prev' buttons that appear near the top to view the other full-size images.


What computer do I need to run the web-application?

  • A computer with a recent webbrowser (Firefox 3.0, Internet Explorer or later) and Flash 9.0 or later.
  • Headphones are recommended.

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Zip fileIntermediate Chinese (1GB) pdf fileRead Me First

Because the full Intermediate Chinese program is almost 1GB we are making the themes available as individual downloads.
If you use a theme on its own the 'Home' button will not work. However if you download the '' folder first you will have all the top level files including the the top level index.html page and a placeholder index.html file inside each of the nine theme folders. When you download a theme simply replace the folder with the same name inside the 'content' folder.

pdf fileAdditional Read Me (for individual themes) Zip fileTop level files with placeholders for themes (0.5MB)
Zip file1: First Encounter (96MB) Zip file2: Induction Day (82MB) Zip file3: Social Visit (97MB)
Zip file4: Managing Finances (104MB) Zip file5: Looking for a Flat (111MB) Zip file6: Shopping Experience (97MB)
Zip file7: Travelling in China (127MB) Zip file8: Seeking Medical Advice (98MB) Zip file9: Keeping in Contact (111MB)