Official language (with English) in Wales (Great Britain). Over 500,000 speakers, chiefly in Wales. Wales was monoglot until the 16th century when the Act of Union with England (1536) led to a rapid decline in the use of Welsh. Revivals of the language begun in the 18th century and continuing today have seen an increased number of speakers. Most first language Welsh speakers come from the north-west section of Wales.

CLASSIFICATION = Indo-European family, Celtic Group, Brythonic sub-group, SCRIPT = Roman


Beginner's Welsh : with 2 audio CDs WEL CBEG 3(PACK)
Colloquial Welsh WEL CBEG 1(PACKS 1-2)
Complete Welsh WEL CBEG 4(PACK)
Welcome to Welsh : a 15-part course, complete in one volume, with basic dictionary WEL CBEG 2(PACK)


Essential Welsh dictionary: Welsh - English English - Welsh WEL DICO 5
Gair i gall : geriadur sylfaenol i ddysgwyr : The ACEN dictionary for learners WEL DICO 1
Modern Welsh dictionary WEL DICO 3
A shorter Welsh dictionary WEL DICO 4
Welsh-English English-Welsh dictionary WEL DICO 6
The Welsh learner's dictionary WEL DICO 2


Branwen WEL FILM 1(DVD)
Hinterland. the complete season two WEL FILM 4:1-3(DVD)*
Pen Talar WEL FILM 3:1-3(DVD)*
Y gwyll / Hinterland WEL FILM 2:1-2(DVD)*


BBC Learn Welsh : Grammar guide WEL GRAM 6
A comprehensive Welsh Grammar WEL GRAM 3
Intermediate Welsh : A grammar and workbook WEL GRAM 4
Modern Welsh : a comprehensive grammar - 2nd ed. WEL GRAM 2
Pa arddodiad? : A check-list of Welsh verbal prepositions WEL GRAM 7
Y llyfr berfau = A check-list of Welsh verbs WEL GRAM 1
Ymarferion Cymraeg Da exercises WEL GRAM 5


Reading - Fiction
Coed y brenin WEL RFICT 6
Harri Potter a Maen yr Athronydd WEL RFICT 3
Traed mewn cyffion WEL RFICT 4
Triptych : neu bortread, mewn tair rhan, o Bobun, 1977 (a portrait, in three parts, of Everyman, 1977) WEL RFICT 2
Trysorfa arwyr Cymru WEL RFICT 5
Y tywysog bach = Le Petit Prince WEL RFICT 1
Reading Skills
Lingo! [Learner magazine]
Reading Welsh : An essential companion WEL RSKILLS 1

Speaking & Vocabulary

Speaking Skills
Speak Welsh with confidence WEL SSKILLS 1(PACK)
Street Welsh phrasebook WEL VOCAB 1
Welsh words : Core vocabulary with phrases WEL VOCAB 3
What's the word for... = Beth yw'r gair am... : An illustrated dictionary = Geiriadur รข lluniau WEL VOCAB 2