A north-west Caucasian or Abhax-Adyge sub-group of Caucasian languages. The Ubykh people migrated from the Caucasus to Turkey in the 1860s, when they numbered several thousand.

The language is now extinct*. The few of Ubykh decent who survive speak Kabard-Cherkes or Adyghe. (George L. Campbell :1991, 2000)

[*the last speaker died in October 1992].

Ubykh had the most extensive consonantal inventory of all the Caucasian languages (Hans Vogt).

CLASSIFICATION = (French-based) Creole, SCRIPT = Roman

Readings from "Dictionnaire de la langue oubykh : avec introduction phonologique, index, fran├žais-oubykh, texts oubykhs" [Word list, readings and song] UB M 1a-c