Turkish is the official language of Turkey and of Turkish Cyprus. There are approximately 45 million speakers, mostly in Turkey and Turkish Cyprus with small numbers in Bulgaria and other neighbouring countries.

CLASSIFICATION = Altaic family, SCRIPT = Roman


Colloquial Turkish : the complete course for beginners TURK CBEG 1(PACK)
Complete Turkish TURK CBEG 2(PACK)
The delights of learning Turkish : a self-study course book for learners of Turkish : beginners to intermediate TURK CBEG 5
Elementary Turkish : a complete course for beginners TURK CBEG 4 Part 1-2
Yedi iklim Türkçe : Seviye A1 TURK CBEG 6(PACK)
Yeni Hitit : Temel 1 : A1, A2 TURK CBEG 3(PACK)
Yeni Hitit : yabancilar icin Türkçe Ders kitabi : 2 : B1 TURK CINT 1
External Resource
(An eLearning course for business purposes funded with support from the European Commission)


Redhouse Büyük Elsözlüğü = The larger Redhouse portable dictionary TURK DICO 5
A Concise Oxford Turkish dictionary TURK DICO 1
Dictionary of the Turkic languages : English : Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Turkish, Turkmen, Uighur, Uzbek TURK DICO 3
Turkish handbook : phrase book grammar dictionary TURK DICO 2


120 TURK FILM 17(DVD)*
Babam ve oglum (My father and my son) TURK FILM 16(DVD)*
Bal = Honey TURK FILM 1:1(DVD)*
Bi küçük Eylül meselesi (A small September affair) TURK FILM 18(DVD)*
Iklimler (Climates) TURK FILM 2(DVD)*
Kasaba (The small town) TURK FILM 3:1(DVD)*
Kosmos TURK FILM 10(DVD)*
Kuma : the second wife TURK FILM 11(DVD)*
Mayis sikintisi (Clouds of May) TURK FILM 3:2(DVD)*
Mustang TURK FILM 12(DVD)*
Mutluluk TURK FILM 9(DVD)*
Once upon a time in Anatolia TURK FILM 8:1-2(DVD)*
Reise der hoffnung TURK FILM 7(DVD)*
Sen aydinlatirsin geceyi = Thou gild'st the even TURK FILM 15(DVD)*
Süt = Milk TURK FILM 1:2(DVD)*
Takva TURK FILM 14:1-2(DVD)*
Times and winds TURK FILM 4(DVD)*
Uzak (Distant) TURK FILM 5(DVD)*
Winter sleep TURK FILM 13:1-2(DVD)*
Yumurta TURK FILM 1:3(DVD)*


201 Turkish verbs : fully conjugated in all the tenses TURK GRAM 5
A dictionary of Turkish verbs : in context and by theme TURK GRAM 7
A student grammar of Turkish TURK GRAM 4
Turkish : a comprehensive grammar TURK GRAM 1
Turkish grammar TURK GRAM 2
Turkish grammar in practice : A self-study reference & practice book TURK GRAM 6
The Turkish language explained for English speakers : a treatise on the Turkish language and its grammar for English speakers TURK GRAM 3


istanbul'u geziyorum B1-B2 TURK LSKILLS 1(PACK)
Tü̈rk sinemasi : B1-B2 TURK LSKILLS 2(PACK)

Reading & Reference

Reading Skills
The routledge intermediate Turkish reader TURK RSKILLS 1
Reading fiction
The life of Cleopatra : bilingual book Turkish - English TURK RFICT 1
Learn Turkish : Turkish - English easy stories TURK RFICT 2
Sevda dolu bir yaz TURK RFICT 3
The Turkish language reform : a catastrophic success TURK REF 1

Special purposes

Science dictionary : Turkish-English / English-Turkish TURK SCI 1