Tswana (Setswana)

A Niger-Congo language and a member of the Bantu family, spoken by c. 3.5 million people in Botswana, where it is an official language (along with English), and in South Africa, with some further speakers in Namibia and Zimbabwe; also known as Setswana. The closest linguistic affiliations of Tswana are with Southern and Northern Sotho.

The language is spoken in many dialects, the most important ones listed for Botswana being Tlahaping, Rolong, Kwena, Kgatla and Ngwatu. Some of the dialects listed for South Africa are Tawana, Hurutshe, Ngwaketse, Thlato, etc. Tswana has been widely used as a language of secondary education and media.

Tswana is a tonal language. There are two main tones - high and low.

CLASSIFICATION = Niger-Congo family, SCRIPT = Roman

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