A South Dravidian language; spoken c. 50 million people in Tamil Nadu (official language since 1956); also the language of c. 4 million in northern Sri Lanka; Tamil speakers also scattered through South East Asia, Indonesia, Polynesia (Fiji), South Africa and Guyana. Broadly distinguished into Literary Tamil and Colloquial Tamil; Literary Tamil is further subdivided into Classical Tamil and Modern Standard Literary Tamil e.g. used in radio and TV.

CLASSIFICATION = Dravidian languages, SCRIPT = Tamil alphabet


Colloquial Tamil [multimedia] : the complete course for beginners TAM CBEG 1(PACK)
Instant Tamil : EuroTalk TAM CBEG 5
An Intensive course in Tamil : dialogues, drills, exercises, vocabulary, grammar and word index TAM CBEG 4; TAM CBEG 4(PACKS 1-2)
An introduction to Colloquial Tamil TAM CBEG 3(PACK)
Learn Tamil in a month TAM CBEG 6
Learn Tamil in 30 days TAM CBEG 8
Simple Tamil TAM CBEG 2
Tamil language in context : a comprehensive approach to learning Tamil TAM CBEG 7(PACK)
Tamil words for travellers : Everyday words for visitors to Sri Lanka TAM CBEG 9


Basic Tamil Dictionary English-Tamil Tamil-English TAM DICO 3
Dictionary English-Tamil Tamil-English TAM DICO 1
Tamil-English, English-Tamil dictionary & phrasebook TAM DICO 2
Tamil language : the Tamil phrasebook and dictionary TAM DICO 4


A grammar of Modern Tamil TAM GRAM 3
A handbook of the Tamil language TAM GRAM 1
A handbook of the Tamil language : a compendious Tamil English dictionary TAM GRAM 2
A reference grammar of spoken Tamil TAM GRAM 4
Tamil language : 101 Tamil verbs TAM GRAM 5

Listening, Reading & Writing

Tamil listening TA L 2
A Tamil prose reader TAM RSKILLS 1
The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction : vol. II TAM RFICT 1
Writing Skills
Tamil alphabet book
Tamil alphabet writing workbook
Learn Tamil vocabulary activity workbook TAM WSKILLS 2(PACK)
An introduction to Tamil script : reading and writing TAM WSKILLS 1


Alaipayuthey TAM FILM 3(DVD)*
Iruvar (the duo) TAM FILM 2(DVD)
Kabali TAM FILM 5(DVD)*
Kandukondain, Kandukontain (I have found it) TAM FILM 1(DVD)
Mudhalvan TAM FILM 4(DVD)


Learn Tamil words through English TAM VOCAB 1