Swahili (Kiswahili) is the official language in Tanzania (together with English) and "national" language of Kenya. It is the home language of about 4 million speakers (Tanzania 2 million, Kenya 1.5 million, Comoros 300,000, Zaire 100,000, Mozambique 100,000 + a small number of speakers in Somalia, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi & Zambia) and the lingua franca for a further approx. 40 million speakers.

CLASSIFICATION = Bantu, SCRIPT = Arabic script, Latin script


Colloquial Swahili : the complete course for beginners SWA CBEG 8(Packs 1-2)/
Complete Swahili SWA CBEG 1(PACK)
Kiswahili, msingi wa kusema kusoma na kuandika = Swahili, a foundation for speaking, reading, and writing - 2nd ed. SWA CBEG 6(Packs 1-2)
Simplified Swahili SWA CBEG 7(Packs 1-2)
Swahili : a complete course for beginners SWA CBEG 5(Packs)
Swahili in ten lessons SWA CBEG 9
Swahili made easy : a beginner's complete course SWA CBEG 4
Tuseme Kiswahili : a multidimensional approach to the teaching and learning of Swahili as a foreign language SWA CBEG 3; SWA CBEG 3(CD-ROM)
Twende! : a practical Swahili course SWA CBEG 2(PACK)
Kiswahili Intermediate Course SWA CINT 2
Master Swahili through East African Media (TV shows & articles) ; guided by thematic and pedagogical activities SWA CINT 3
Tusome Kiswahili : Let's read Swahili SWA CINT 1
Tuwasiliane kwa Kiswahili : A multidimensional approach to the teaching and learning of Swahili as a foreign language SWA CADV 1(PACK)


Concise Swahili and English Dictionary SWA DICO 1
A Standard Swahili-English Dictionary SWA DICO 2
English - Swahili translation dictionary and phrase book SWA DICO 5
Kamusi ya maana na matumizi SWA DICO 6
Swahili-English English-Swahili SWA DICO 3
Swahili practical dictionary SWA DICO 4


In the shadow of the sun SWA DOCU 2(DVD)*
These hands SWA DOCU 1(DVD)*


Fathers SWA FILM 1(DVD)*
Nairobi half life SWA FILM 2(DVD)*
Nowhere in Africa SWA FILM 4(DVD)*
Something necessary SWA FILM 3(DVD)*
Soul boy SWA FILM 5(DVD)*


Modern Swahili Grammar SWA GRAM 3
Swahili grammar (including intonation) SWA GRAM 2
Swahili grammar for introductory and intermediate levels SWA GRAM 5
Swahili grammar and workbook SWA GRAM 4
Swahili learners' reference grammar SWA GRAM 6
Swahili (Teach yourself) - 2nd ed. SWA GRAM 1


Master Swahili through East African music : Taarab, Bongo flava & Kenyan songs SWA LSKILLS 1


Swahili medical dictionary and phrasebook SWA MED 1

Reading skills

An elementary Swahili newspaper reader SWA RSKILLS 2
Masomo ya Kisasa : contemporary readings in Swahili SWA RSKILLS 1

Reading: factual

Historia, mila, na desturi za wagogo wa tanganyika SWA RFACT 1

Reading: fiction

Habari za Wazigua SWA RFICT 1
Kisanduku cha dhahabu : na hadithi nyingine SWA RFICT 2
Kitabu cha Kwanza cha kusoma SWA RFICT 5
Kitabu cha nne cha kusoma SWA RFICT 7
Kitabu cha pili cha kusoma SWA RFICT 5
Kitabu cha tatu cha kusoma SWA RFICT 6
Kufikirika SWA RFICT 10
Kusadikika : nchi iliyo angani SWA RFICT 9
Mfalme Chura SWA RFICT 12
Nakupenda, lakini ... SWA RFICT 3
Nahodha Chui SWA RFICT 14
Not guilty : a comedy in one act for African actors SWA RFICT 4
Safari ya hamadi SWA RFICT 11
Sungura na Mbweha SWA RFICT 13
Ujanja wa Sungura SWA RFICT 15


Intonation in Swahili SWA REF 1
Narrative in Swahili : sentence structure, intonation and the story-teller SWA REF 2
Sentences in Swahili : a study of their internal relationships SWA REF 3
Swahili style : a study SWA REF 4
Uganda : the Bradt travel guide SWA REF 5