Nuevo ven 3
Fernando MarĂ­n, Morales Reyes and Mariano del M. de Unamuno, 2005
An advanced level course in Spanish comprising a course book audio CD.
The focus is on becoming more fluently expressive and more adept at listening to colloquial Spanish at native speed. Includes listening exercises on comprehension and lexical features of the language, grammar exersices, different types of texts with reading comprehension exercises, practice with producing written Spanish and sections exploring social and cultural issues. The book concludes with three models of the DELE intermediate exam.
The course book and CD instructions are in Spanish throughout. NB. Transcripts for recorded passages and answers for the exercises can be found in 'Libro del Profesor' (SP CADV 2a).
SP CADV 2; SP CADV 2(CD) (2 copies) Open access