Nuevo ven 1
Francisca Castro, Fernando MarĂ­n, Reyes Morales and Soledad Rosa, 2003
Beginner level course in Spanish based on communicative, practical language for everyday life in Spanish speaking countries. The course comprises a book and two accompanying CDs and aims to take the learner from basic to approximately A2 level on the Common Europe Framework.
The book is divided into 15 units, each based on a particular theme and each containing exercises in functional use of the language as well as creative practise in grammatical structures, cultural events and social life.
The course book and CD instructions are in Spanish throughout with glossaries at the back of the book in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese. (Answers for the exercises can be found in 'Libro del Profesor' in SP CBEG 5a(PACK)).
SP CBEG 5; SP CBEG 5:1-2(CD); SP CBEG 5a; SP CBEG 5a:1-3(CD) Open access