Mi vida loca
José Miguel Galván Déniz (BBC 2009)
Episodes 1-21 of a televised BBC Spanish course for complete beginners, filmed on location in Madrid and Gran Canaria. The learner is put in the place of one of the central characters in a mystery story with prompts to interact with events and people on screen.
DVD 1 contains English instruction and additional help by way of a human 'phrasebook' who adds some grammar explanation and narrates some of the story ; DVD2 contains the whole story with no help other than parallel English Spanish subtitles and a choice to have narrated sections in English.
Filmed in practical situations that visitors to Spain would be likely to find themselves in: markets, cafes, train stations etc.. , this would be suitable for any beginner but especially useful to those planning a trip to Spain.
SP CBEG 13:1-2(DVD) (2 copies) Open access