Beginning colloquial Sinhala : an introductory Sinhala curriculum
Theresa McGarry and Liyanage Amarakeerthi (2014)
This communicative, task-based course is designed to provide learners with the equivalent of one year's study of Sinhala at basic level.
Using situational dialogues with audio and vocabulary provided, the book takes a grammatical focus to explore the language. Features transliteration of the Sinhalese characters as well as in-depth exploration of pronunciation throughout the course.
Useful for learners who enjoy a grammar-based approach to practical communication and who would like to develop an extensive vocabulary. Pack includes Teacher's guide with answers.
SINH CBEG 5 ; SINH CBEG 5(CD) ; SINH CBEG 5c(Teacher's guide) ; SINH CBEG 5c(DVD) Open Access