The Mohawk nation is one of the indigenous peoples of America. Originally known as the Kanien'kehaka (people of the flint), they were given the name Mohawk (man eaters) by English settlers in the seventeenth century. The prefered term for the people today is Kanien'kehaka. Mohawk belongs to the Iroquoian linguistic group and is one of the "Five Nations" languages with ONEIDA, ONONDAGA, CAYUGA and SENECA. There are approx. 3,000 speakers, mostly in Canada, with approx. 1,667 speakers in USA (Ethnologue database, 1999).

CLASSIFICATION = Iroquoian group, Northern Iroquoian sub-group, SCRIPT = Roman
Mohawk : a teaching grammar (preliminary version) MOHAWK CBEG 1; MOHAWK CBEG 1(PACK)