Korean is spoken by c. 60 million people, chiefly in South Korea (c. 43 million) and North Korea (c. 23 million) by others in China, Japan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, and by immigrants in several countries (notably in the USA).

CLASSIFICATION = some linguists place Korean within the Altaic family, others think it is related to Japanese, influenced by Chinese, SCRIPT = the Korean alphabet (Han'gul)


Active Korean 1 KOR CBEG 7(PACK)
Active Korean 2 KOR CBEG 8(PACK)
Beginner's Korean : with 2 audio CDs KOR CBEG 5; KOR CBEG 5:1-2(CD)
Colloquial Korean : a complete language course KOR CBEG 2(PACK)[†]
Complete Korean KOR CBEG 3(PACK)
Essential Korean : living language KOR CBEG 9(PACK)
Korean. I KOR CBEG 1(PACK)
Korean for foreigners : elementary 1 KOR CBEG 4(PACK)
Korean made simple KOR CBEG 10
Read & speak Korean for beginners : the easiest way to learn to communicate right away! KOR CBEG 6(PACK)
Intermediate Korean : living language KOR CINT 4(PACK)
Korean for foreigners : elementary 2 KOR CINT 3(PACK)
Sogang Korean 4A : Student's book and Workbook KOR CINT 1(PACK)
Sogang Korean 4B : Student's book and Workbook KOR CINT 2(PACK)
Kanada Korean for foreigners [multimedia]. Advanced, 2 KOR CADV 1(PACK)
Kanada Korean for foreigners [multimedia]. Advanced, 1 KOR CADV 2(PACK)
Advanced Korean : living language KOR CADV 3(PACK)


Chuji changuoyu xuexicidian : [Primary learning Korean dictionary] KOR DICO 1
Korean dictionary and phrasebook / Korean-English English-Korean KOR DICO 4
Langenscheidt's pocket Korean dictionary : Korean-English English-Korean KOR DICO 1
Oxford picture dictionary : English/Korean - 2nd ed. KOR DICO 5
Your first 100 words in Korean : beginner's quick & easy guide to demystifying Korean script KOR DICO 3(PACK)


3 iron KOR FILM 6(DVD)
The bow KOR FILM 7(DVD)*
A bittersweet life KOR FILM 8(DVD)*
The handmaiden KOR FILM 12(DVD)*
The host KOR FILM 2(DVD)
Mother KOR FILM 1(DVD)
Han gong-ju KOR FILM 10(DVD)*
Oldboy KOR FILM 3(DVD)
Pluto KOR FILM 9(DVD)*
Poetry KOR FILM 11(DVD)*
Sky blue = 2142 A.D KOR FILM 4(DVD)*
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring KOR FILM 13(DVD)*
Take care of my cat KOR FILM 5(DVD)*

Reading & Writing

Reading Skills
Modern Korean, an intermediate reader KOR RSKILLS 1
Reading Fiction
Travel notes KOR RFICT 1
Kwangsoo's thought KOR RFICT 2
The snowy road KOR RFICT 3
Writing Skills
Learning your first hanja : a beginner's guide to reading and writing Korean Chinese characters KOR WSKILLS 3
Guide to reading & writing Korean KOR WSKILLS 2
You can learn the Korean alphabet in one morning KOR WSKILLS 1

Reference (including country specific/cultural information)

The Korean Language KOR REF 1
Lonely Planet : Seoul KOR REF 2

Speaking & Vocabulary

Speaking Skills
Mastering intermediate Korean speaking within a month Vol.2 KOR SSKILLS 1
Mastering intermediate Korean speaking within a month Vol.1 KOR SSKILLS 2
Korean essential vocabulary 6000 KOR VOCAB 2
Using Korean : a guide to contemporary usage KOR VOCAB 1