Jamaican Creole

Jamaican Creole is an English-based creole spoken by over 3 million people chiefly in Jamaica and among the Jamaican diaspora in USA, UK, Canada and in the Caribbean islands and coastal areas of Central America.

The language developed in the 17th century in Jamaica, Panama and Costa Rica further to the slave trade. It is a pidginized form of English influenced by English vernaculars (especially Irish and Scottish) and West African languages, such as Akan, the main native language of the Akan people from Ghana.

CLASSIFICATION = (English-based) Creole
SCRIPT = Latin


Biesik Jumiekan CREO (J) CBEG 1


The harder they come CREO (J) FILM 1(DVD)*


Where hummingbirds come from : Bilingual Jamaican-Creole-English CREO (J) RFICT 1