Japanese : language and people - new ed.
Smith, Richard, Hughes Parry, Trevor and Moeran, Brian, 2006.
A well constructed, fast-paced course for beginners covering all four key skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking) using the practical language necessary for everyday life and work.
There are 10 study units which are estimated to take approx. 90 min. of study time and are interspersed with 'About Japan' sections with information about contemporary Japanese society and culture. These are supported by a set of six accompanying CDs and 2 DVDs.
Most of the units are in Roomaji transliteration with the basics of Japanese writing introduced gradually at the end of each unit.
JAP CBEG 17; JAP CBEG 17a; JAP CBEG 17:1-2(DVD); JAP CBEG 17:1-6(CD) Open access