Italian conversation demystified
Beth Bartolini-Salimbeni (2011)
Book and 2 CDs focusing on Italian for conversational purposes. Divided into two parts : Part 1 'Italian at home' (mixes conversation skills with an overview of basic grammar ) and Part 2 'Traveling in Italy' (covering transport, shopping, entertainment and activities with the past and future tenses).
Each chapter is filled with clear instruction, examples and exercises, all iillustrated through dialogues, enabling the learner to combine learning grammar and vocabulary whilst putting the language into functional interactive use.
The CDs contain over two and a half hours of native-speaker dialogues plus interactive exercises to encourage speaking practice. A good choice for those who like to learn through actively using language from the beginning and learning grammar through practical functions. Transcripts for the audio are provided at the back of the book.
IT CINT 12 ; IT CINT 12:1-2(CD) Open Access