Hindi is a Modern Indo-Aryan language spoken by more than half a billion people in the Indian subcontinent alone, and by significant communities of the Indian diaspora. It is also the official language of the Indian union. Linguistically Hindi is broadly identical with Urdu. Hindi formal vocabulary is borrowed from Sanskrit, but de-Persianized, de-Arabicized and written by non-Muslims in Devanagari script. Urdu is national language of Pakistan where it is written in a Perso-Arabic script.

CLASSIFICATION = Indo-European family, SCRIPT = Devanagari


Basic Hindi HIN CBEG 7
Colloquial Hindi [multimedia] : the complete course for beginners HIN CBEG 3(PACK)
Complete Hindi HIN CBEG 1(PACK)
Elementary Hindi : an introduction to the language HIN CBEG 4; HIN CBEG 4(PACK)
Get started in Hindi HIN CBEG 6(PACK)
Hindi [multimedia]: a complete course for beginners
Living language Hindi : essential HIN CBEG 5(PACK)
Living language Hindi : intermediate HIN CINT 1(PACK)
A course in modern Hindi through TV for advanced students : Hinduism HIN CADV 2(PACK)
Living language Hindi : advanced HIN CADV 1(PACK)


Allied Chambers transliterated Hindi - Hindi - English dictionary HIN DICO 6
Bilingual visual dictionary : [Hindi/English] HIN DICO 4
Essential Hindi dictionary: Hindi – English, English - Hindi HIN DICO 5
Oxford English-Hindi dictionary HIN DICO 3
The Oxford Hindi-English dictionary HIN DICO 1
Star English-Hindi Hindi-English combined dictionary : with a detailed glossory of official terms HIN DICO 2


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Saira Khan's Pakistan adventure : Part 2 HIN DOCU 6:2(DVD)
The story of India with Michael Wood HIN DOCU 8:1-2(DVD)*


1942 : A love story HIN FILM 60(DVD)
Aligarh HIN FILM 72(DVD)*
Anarkali [b&w] HIN FILM 66(DVD)*
Arvind Desai Ki Ajeeb Dastaan HIN FILM 38(DVD)
Awara HIN FILM 5(DVD)*
Baazigar HIN FILM 13(DVD)
Bandini HIN FILM 14(DVD)
Bandit Queen
Bandit Queen
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Bhumika HIN FILM 48(DVD)*
Bombay HIN FILM 17(DVD)
Chakde! India HIN FILM 47:1-2(DVD)*
Chaudhvin Ka Chand HIN FILM 18(DVD); HIN FILM 67:3(DVD)*
Dance of the wind HIN FILM 69(DVD)*
Devdas HIN FILM 42(DVD)*
Devdas HIN FILM 42a(DVD)
Dharam Veer (1977) HIN FILM 20(DVD)
Dil hi to hai HIN FILM 19(DVD)
Dil se HIN FILM 21(DVD)
Dilwalde Dulhania le Jayenge HIN FILM 4:1-2(DVD)*
Do bigha zameen HIN FILM 22(DVD)
Earth HIN FILM 51(DVD)*
Ek hi raasta HIN FILM 23(DVD)
Filmistaan HIN FILM 75(DVD)*
Gandhi my father HIN FILM 49(DVD)*; HIN FILM 49(CD)*
Gharwali Baharwali HIN FILM 24(DVD)
Gunga Jumna HIN FILM 65(DVD)*
Hamara Sansar (Hamaara Sansaar) HIN FILM 25(DVD)
Ittefaq HIN FILM 27(DVD)
Jodhaa Akbar HIN FILM 43(DVD)
Jogan HIN FILM 28(DVD)
Kaagaz ke phool HIN FILM 1(DVD)*; HIN FILM 67:5(DVD)*
Kabhi Dhoop Kabhi Chhaon (Sun and Shade) HIN FILM 29(DVD)
Kanoon HIN FILM 30(DVD)
Khalnayak HIN FILM 31(DVD)
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Mahabharat (Hindi version) HIN 70:1-16(DVD)*
Maya memsaab HIN FILM 35(DVD)
Mirch Masala HIN FILM 36(DVD)
Monsoon wedding HIN FILM 7(DVD)*
Mother India (Bharat Mata) HIN FILM 6(DVD)*
The namesake HIN FILM 64(DVD)*
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Parineeta HIN FILM 41(DVD)
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Raja Hindustani HIN FILM 52(DVD)
Rangeela HIN FILM 53(DVD)
Sadgati HIN FILM 58(DVD)
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Salaam bombay! HIN FILM 8(DVD)*
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Shahid HIN FILM 71(DVD)*
Shatranj ke Khilari HIN FILM 55(DVD)
Sholay HIN FILM 61(DVD)
Shree 420 HIN FILM 64(DVD)*
Silsila HIN FILM 3:1-2(DVD)*
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Essential Hindi grammar HIN GRAM 2
Hindi : an essential grammar HIN GRAM 1
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Listening & Reading

Listening - Factual
Hindi baatcheet : Part 1 HIN LFACT 1(PACKS 1-2)
Listening - Poetry
Five political poems HIN POEM 2(PACK)
Modern Hindi Poetry HIN POEM 1(PACK)
Poetry in English, Kannada and Hindi KAN POEM 1
Reading Skills
The Routledge intermediate Hindi reader HIN RSKILLS 1
Reading - Fiction
Deh ki Keemat HIN RFICT 1

Speaking, Vocabulary & Writing

Hindi conversation HIN SSKILLS 1(PACKS 1-2)
Spoken Hindi HIN SSKILLS 2
Hindi in a flash : Volume 1 HIN VOCAB 1
Writing Skills
Read and write Hindi script HIN WSKILLS 1
The sounds of Hindi and the Hindi writing system HIN WSKILLS 2:1-3(DVD)

Specific Purposes

The raga guide : a survey of 74 Hindustani ragas HIN MUSIC 1(PACK)
Talk Business : Hindi HIN BUSI 1