Greek is an Indo-European language and the only member of the Hellenic branch; it has been spoken in the South-East Europe since early in the second millennium BC and has the longest recorded history of any Indo-European language. Ancient Greek, spanning from c. 1500 BC to 1600 AD, and Modern Greek (c.1700 to the present) are two major developmental stages in the long history of the language.

Modern Greek is spoken by some 14 million people mainly in the Republic of Greece, where it is the official language, and the Republic of Cyprus as one of the two official languages. It is also spoken by sizeable émigré communities in the USA, Australia, Western Europe and elsewhere. Since 1981 is has been one of the official languages of the European Union as well.

The language has a very rich verbal and nominal morphology. There is a large number of words borrowed from other languages, such as Italian, Turkish, French, or English. Dialectal differences are minor, except for Cypriot.

Both Ancient and Modern Greek are written in the Greek alphabet, derived from the Phoenician script, comprising 24 letters.

CLASSIFICATION = Indo-European family, SCRIPT = Greek

Ancient Greek

The elements of New Testament Greek (3rd ed.) GR(ANC) CBEG 2(PACK)
The elements of New Testament Greek / Vocabulary words for New Testament Greek GR(ANC) CBEG 1(PACK)
Learn ancient Greek : a lively introduction to reading the language GR(ANC) CBEG 4
Teach yourself complete ancient Greek GR(ANC) CBEG 3
A concise dictionary of New Testament Greek (2 copies) GR(ANC) DICO 1
Langenscheidt's pocket Greek dictionary : Classical Greek-English GR(ANC) DICO 2
The pocket Oxford classical Greek dictionary GR(ANC) DICO 3
The Greeks : Crucible of civilization 1 : A revolution GR(ANC) DOCU 1:1(DVD)
The Greeks : Crucible of civilization 2 : The golden age GR(ANC) DOCU 1:2(DVD)
The Greeks : Crucible of civilization 3 : Empire of the mind GR(ANC) DOCU 1:3(DVD)
Listening: Fiction
Aristophanes' Birds GR(ANC) LFICT 1(PACK)
The Iliad of Homer : part one : books 1-6 GR(ANC) POEM 2(PACK)
The Iliad of Homer : part two : books 7-12 GR(ANC) POEM 3(PACK)
The Iliad of Homer : part three : books 13-18 GR(ANC) POEM 4(PACK)
The Iliad of Homer : part four : books 19-24 GR(ANC) POEM 5(PACK)
A recital of Ancient Greek poetry : in English translation and in the original Greek GR(ANC) POEM 1(PACK)
The pronunciation and reading of ancient Greek : a practical guide -- 2nd Rev. ed. GR(ANC) PRON 1(PACK)
Reading Skills
An independent study guide to reading Greek GR (ANC) RSKILLS 1
Reading Greek : Text and vocabulary GR (ANC) RSKILLS 1a
Reading Greek : Grammar and exercises GR (ANC) RSKILLS 1b
Reading Greek GR (ANC) RSKILLS 1:1-2(CD)
Xenophon of Ephesus, An Ephesian Tale : An intermediate ancient Greek reader GR (ANC) RSKILLS 2

Modern Greek Courses

Beginner's Greek GR CBEG 9; GR CBEG 9:1-2(CD)
Colloquial Greek : the complete course for beginners GR CBEG 5(PACK)
Communicate in Greek for beginners GR CBEG 13(PACK)
Epikoinōnēste Hellēnika, 1. = Communicate in Greek GR CBEG 2(PACK)
Complete Greek GR CBEG 4(PACK)
Ellénika. 1 GR CBEG 1(PACK)
Greek language and people -- New edition GR CBEG 3(PACK)
Greek today : a course in the modern language and culture GR CBEG 6(PACK)
Learn Greek without a teacher : a modern method to learn Greek in 25 lessons GR CBEG 7
Learning Modern Greek : as a foreign second language a communicative approach GR CBEG 14(PACK)
Oxford take off in Greek GR CBEG 8(PACK)[†]
Read & speak Greek for beginners : the easiest way to learn to communicate right away GR CBEG 11(PACK)
Talk Greek GR CBEG 10(PACK+DVD)
Talk Greek GR CBEG 10(PACK)[†]
A textbook of modern Greek : for beginners up to G.C.S.E. -- 6th rev. ed. GR CBEG 12; GR CBEG 12(PACK)
Ellénika. 2 GR CINT 1; GR CINT 1:1-3(CD PACK)
Epikoinōnēste Hellēnika, 2. = Communicate in Greek GR CINT 3(PACK)
Epikoinōnēste Hellēnika, 3. = Communicate in Greek GR CINT 4(PACK)
Modern Greek for GCSE GR CINT 2(PACK)
Textbook for foreigners: level 3 GR CADV 1(PACK)


Collins English Greek dictionary GR DICO 5
Lexiko tēs Neas Hellēnikēs glōssas : me scholia gia tē sōstē chresē tōn lexeōn, hermēneutiko, etymologiko, orthographiko, synōnymōn - antithetōn, kyriōn onomatōn, epistēmonikōn horōn, akronymōn GR DICO 1
The Oxford dictionary of Modern Greek GR DICO 4
Oxford English-Greek learner's dictionary GR DICO 3
Oxford Greek-English learner's dictionary GR DICO 2

Films & Documentaries

Chronicle: Macedonia - a civilisation uncovered GR DOCU 1(DVD)
Greece - a search for truth GR DOCU 2(DVD)
45m2 GR FILM 5(DVD)*
Akrovates tou kepou GR FILM 6(DVD)*
Alexander the great GR FILM 3:1(DVD)*
Apo tin akri tis polis GR FILM 23(DVD)*
The beekeeper GR FILM 3:3(DVD)*
Chevalier GR FILM 24(DVD)*
Days of '36 GR FILM 2:2(DVD)*
Diskoloi apocheretismoi : o babas mou (Hard goodbyes : my father) GR FILM 7(DVD)*
Dogtooth GR FILM 13(DVD)
The dust of time GR FILM 4:4(DVD)*
Eternity and a day GR FILM 4:2(DVD)*
Fovoi tous Ellines (Beware of Greeks bearing guns) GR FILM 8(DVD)*
The hunters GR FILM 2:4(DVD)*
The Island : Episodes 1-26 GR FILM 19:1-6(DVD)*
Landscape in the mist GR FILM 3:4(DVD)*
Metechmio (Boarderline) GR FILM 12(DVD)
Mikra Anglia GR FILM 15(DVD)*
Miss violence GR FILM 14(DVD)*
Never on sunday GR FILM 1(DVD)*
Nisos (The Island) GR FILM 18(DVD)*
Nisos 2 (The Island 2) GR FILM 18a(DVD)*
Nyfes = Brides GR FILM 22:1-2(DVD)*
Politikē kouzina (A touch of spice) GR FILM 9:1-2(DVD)*
The reconstruction GR FILM 2:1(DVD)*
Stella GR FILM 17(DVD)*
The suspended step of the stork GR FILM 3:5(DVD)*
To dendro pou pligoname (The tree we hurt) GR FILM 11(DVD)
To eteron imisy GR FILM 21(DVD)*
To tango ton hristougennon GR FILM 20(DVD)*
The travelling players GR FILM 2:3(DVD)*
Trilogia : to livadi pou dakryzei = Trilogy 1: the weeping meadow GR FILM 10(DVD)*
Tu fili tis zois GR FILM 16:1-3(DVD)*
Ulysses' gaze GR FILM 4:1(DVD)*
Voyage to cythera GR FILM 3:2(DVD)*
The weeping meadow GR FILM 4:4(DVD)*
Xenia GR FILM 25(DVD)*

Grammar & Vocabulary

Grammatikē tēs ellēnikēs glōssas GR GRAM 5
Greek : a comprehensive grammar of the modern language (2 copies) GR GRAM 3
Greek : an essential grammar of the modern language (2 copies) GR GRAM 2
A Manual of Modern Greek, 1 : for university students elementary to intermediate GR GRAM 4
Modern Greek : a contemporary grammar GR GRAM 1
Ta rimata tis neas Ellinikis GR GRAM 6
Build your Greek vocabulary GR VOCAB 1(PACK)
Cambridge word routes Anglika-Hellēnika : thematiko lexiko tēs synchronēs Anglikēs glōssas GR VOCAB 2
Gia na min xanapeis peinao! GR VOCAB 3
Greek phrasebook and dictionary GR VOCAB 4
How to learn and memorize Greek vocabulary GR VOCAB 14

Listening, Reading & Writing

Akou na deis : 1 GR LSKILLS 1(PACK)
Akou na deis. 2 GR LSKILLS 2(PACK)
Akou na deis : 3 GR LSKILLS 3(PACK)
Reading Skills
Learn to read Greek in 5 days GR RSKILLS 1
The Routledge Modern Greek reader : Greek folktales for learning Modern Greek GR RSKILLS 2
Reading fiction
Hotel Atlantis Please GR RFICT 1
To Nisi = The island GR RFICT 2
The island GR RFICT 2a
Beginner's Greek script GR WSKILLS 1
Read and write Greek script GR WSKILLS 2


Greek : a history of the language and its speakers GR REF 2
Language change in Modern Greek : the morphological integration of English loanwords GR REF 1