Aspekte : Mittelstufe Deutsch B2 Lehrbuch
von Ute Koithan, Helena Schmitz, Tanja Sieber, Ralf Sonntag ; Filmseiten von Ralf-Peter Lòˆsche (2013)
This B2 level resource offers substantial film and listening material and covers a variety of topics ranging from homelife, science, history, culture and work. The DVD has 10 chapters, each playing a short clip which accompanies a set of exercises at the end of each chapter. Clips on the CD provide ample listening practice and test comprehension with exercises.
A challenging and engaging resource for B2+ level learners at University. Features multi-components - see 'Lehrerhandreichungen' book for a guide on how to best use the course.
In German throughout.
GE CINT 17A ; GE CINT 17A(DVD) ; GE CINT 17A:1-3(CD) Open Access