Entre nous 1 : méthode de français
Neige Pruvost, Frédérique Courteaud, Sonia Gómez-Jordana, François Blondel, Fatiha Chahi, Ginebra Caballero, Sylvie Poisson-Quinton, Cindy Daupras, Gaëlle Delannoy, Katia Brandel (2015)
A false beginner (A1) course entirely in French, split into 8 units with topics including introductions, travel, getting around town, food and shopping, and timetables and daily activities.
Provides plenty of easy to follow listening exercises with the accompanying CD, as well as matching and fill in the blanks exercises. Each unit covers a different area of grammar and also has an online video which can be accessed once a free account is created. A good way to re-inforce and test out what you have just learnt on a beginner's course.
In French throughout
FR CBEG 13 ; FR CBEG 13:1-2(CD) Open access