Qu├ębec-U.S.A. ou l'invasion pacifique
Brault, Michel and Jutra, Claude, 1962
Documentary on tourism in Quebec, forming part of the 'Michel Brault oeuvres 1958-1974 works' [coffret/box set].
Made in 1962, this film depicts the "peaceful invasion" of the city by breaking the film into four parts: tourists who come to learn the French language; those who want a quick tour of the city and are satisfied to be chauffeured around by a guide; the hard-core tourists who will "kodak" everything they see to show every relative/friend at home; and finally, the American naval personnel who walk the port's festive pier as they try to engage with young coquettish Quebec girls.
In French, with some English dialogue. Optional subtitles available in French or English. Includes Quebec colloquialism.
FR DOCU 66:1(DVD) On request